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McCloskey launches Compact Sand Plant line at AGG1 and World of Asphalt

McCloskey's CSP range has been designed to give the ultimate choice and flexibility to meet customers' expectations.
McCloskey's CSP range has been designed to give the ultimate choice and flexibility to meet customers' expectations.

Washing equipment specialists McCloskey Washing Systems (MWS) launched a new product line – The Compact Sand Plant (CSP) at AGG1 and World of Asphalt.

The new additions to the MWS product range are compact sand plants CSP 60, CSP 120, CSP 200 and CSP 250 single and twin sand plants. The range has been designed to give the ultimate choice and flexibility to meet customers' expectations.

Commenting on the decision to unveil the product line at NSSGA's flagship event, Sean Loughran, McCloskey Washing Systems Director said: "AGG1 is an important event for us. We have a strong global presence, and this is the perfect platform to showcase our products. As specialists in the design, manufacture and commissioning of wash plants, key members of our team will be in attendance."

The McCloskey Compact Sand Plant range enables superior separation efficiency, produces the driest, drip-free final washed sand product, and produces up to two in-spec sands, to your desired grade, at up to 250 total tph.

As with all McCloskey products, these plants have been designed with the machine operator in mind. In addition to the highest level of quality and performance, significant benefits include simple and fast assembly times, ease
of operation, low maintenance and an overall reduced footprint.

The McCloskey S130 and S190 Tracked Rinsers, paired with the right size Compact Sand Plant, offers a portable wash plant option for up to 250 tph total sand production and an overall production of sand & aggregates of 400+ tph. By simply building up an elevated terrace on site to elevate the S130 or S190 Rinser nominally 7-8ft above the ground grade level that the CSP sits on, the tracked wet screen has plenty of elevation for gravity flow to move sand and water to the sump of the CSP.

Each CSP is individually tailored to suit any application, regardless of desired tonnage, from 20 tph - 250 tph, or silt percentage in the feed material.  McCloskey engineering and application teams have extensive experience in the design, manufacture, installation, start up, operation and maintenance of compact sand plants and as such ensure each is suited to the application and requirements.

The McCloskey Compact Sand Plant Range is designed to:

- Produce in-spec sand(s) to desired grade
- Focus on the machine operator
- Produce drip free sand products off the end of the dewatering screen
- Ensure the final washed product has the highest level of quality and performance
- Eliminate the loss of quality fines to settling ponds or water treatment plants
- Easily be placed into new or existing operations
- Provide a skid-mounted semi-portable sand plant

Other key features of the CSP range include:

• Capacity of up to 250 tph
• Superior separation efficiency
• Fast assembly times
• Ease of operation
• Low running and maintenance costs

Company info

1 McCloskey Road
Keene, ON
CA, K9J 0G6


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1 McCloskey Road
Keene, ON
CA, K9J 0G6


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