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Operator praises reduced vibration and noise levels on new Ammann plate compactors

Ammann is offering five new vibratory plates.
Ammann is offering five new vibratory plates.

Operators who recently used Ammann's newest plate compactor praised the machine for its versatility, reduced hand-arm vibration and low sound levels.

Christian Jordi of Witschi Bau, a Langenthal, Switzerland-based construction company, operated the Ammann APF 15/40 Forward Moving Vibratory Plate Compactor in both soil and asphalt applications. "The new APF plate is perfect due to its flexibility in both applications," Jordi said.

Jordi and other Witschi Bau operators also commended the new Ammann plate compactor for a reduction in unwanted vibration. The improvement is noticeable when compacting soil and aggregates. It becomes even more apparent when working on asphalt, which typically creates more unwanted vibration than other materials.

Jordi noted the machine's outstanding productivity on asphalt, as the APF 15/40 was able to quickly reach compaction goals on a parking lot project.

The new plate is quieter, which was also immediately apparent to Jordi. It is so quiet that even other workers on the site noticed the reduced sound level.

The APF 15/40 is one of five new Ammann vibratory plates.

The new models are the Ammann APF 12/33, APF 15/40, APF 15/50, APF 20/50 Hatz and APF 20/50 Honda. They are the lightest of all Ammann plate compactors, with weights from 69 kg to 107 kg and widths of 330 mm to 500 mm.

The plates fit a broad range of applications, such as gardening, landscaping and patchwork for road repairs. They are available with an optional water sprinkler, making them suitable for asphalt jobs. A Vulcolan mat protects paving stones during compaction.

Reliable and efficient Honda gas engines power the APF line. The largest plate, the APF 20/50, is available with a Honda gas or a Hatz diesel engine. The diesel engine performs well, even in high altitudes, and enables the use of a single fuel type on many jobsites.

Key features of the plate compactors include:

Low-vibration handle. Reduced vibration values (below 2.5 m/sec2) result from the Z-buffer in the handle bar. This patented system enables precise machine control while protecting the operator from vibration. The low HAV levels allow long work shifts without health risk to the operator or a need for documentation.

Toolless Vulcolan mat. An optional mat, available on most models, can be mounted in a few seconds, preparing the machine for work on paving stones and protecting the stones' edges from cracking. Installation is extremely easy: the mat wraps around the foot and is secured with two hooks.

Maintenance-free exciter system. The new bearing design and the larger exciter unit deliver power and keep service at a minimum. The exciter unit is completely maintenance-free for the lifetime of the machine. The bearings are sealed, blocking entry of air or water and eliminating the need for service throughout the machine's life. The system also provides better forward movement and travel speed as well as improved climbing ability.

Full engine protection frame. The ergonomic frame protects all crucial components while working and during transport. The frame is also easy to grip, helping operators maneuver the machine – especially as they work in tight spaces.

Wear-optimized run plate. The bottom wear plate is designed to last, with thicker protection toward the back of the plate where the most wear occurs.

Toolless mountable water tank. A water tank, available as an option on most of the plates, is mounted without a single screw. This allows simple adjustment and also eases refilling. The tank is large and the sprinkling system efficient to extend intervals between refilling.

Transport wheels. The transport wheels can be dropped with a foot release. This protects the operator's back by eliminating bending and prevents fingers from being pinched.

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