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New technology allows multiple security robots to work on same site

New technology allows multiple security robots to work on same site

SMP Robotics, a manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots, unveiled new artificial intelligence technology that gives its security guard robots the ability to communicate and deploy jointly at the same patrol site.

The new technology, developed in conjunction with Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), the exclusive North American assembly partner for SMP Robotics, provides an organization additional situational awareness and streamlined guarding on-site.

Swarm technology increases the security guard robot's abilities to successfully patrol any given area, and enables a security operations center to coordinate the paths of multiple robots when they travel.

"We listened to our customers and made updates and improvements to the technology to add this feature, and we are excited it is coming to fruition," said Leo Ryzhenko, CEO, SMP Robotics. "This new technology harnesses the power of our robotic security solution with new artificial intelligence, making the robot an even greater asset to a security team."

SMP is working closely with RAD to expand a comprehensive test track of the swarm technology to deploy in the coming months.

Robots by SMP are used for a variety of security duties, from fence line patrols to area surveillance in restricted areas. Sectors using SMP security robots include construction, oil and gas, mining and more.

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