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Versatile, lighter-weight welder/generator

Versatile, lighter-weight welder/generator

The new Fusion 160 from Miller Electric is a versatile welder/generator that offers portability for outdoor work, while also providing the ability to weld safely indoors without starting the gas engine — thanks to industry-exclusive PowerShift technology. The Fusion 160 is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications including construction, maintenance and repair, farm and ranch, and service trucks. 

Weighing just 222 pounds, the machine is up to 70 pounds lighter than other similarly sized welder/generators. This makes it easy to take the machine where the work is and improves safety and efficiency. 

In addition to portability, the Fusion 160 delivers a smooth, stable stick arc that makes it easier for operators of all skill levels to produce better welds that meet specifications — avoiding the time and expense of rework. A clean arc also produces less spatter, resulting in less time spent on cleanup. The machine's welder delivers up to 160 amps of stick welding power, and the generator produces up to 6,500 watts of reliable power for electric tools — making the machine ideal for outdoor work. 

The Fusion 160 also provides versatility for indoor jobs. The machine uses PowerShift technology, which allows it to be plugged into 120/240-volt utility power, so operators can safely use the machine indoors or in noise-sensitive environments. The multi-voltage plug (MVP) makes it easy to connect the machine, with no tools required to switch between either type of current. 

"The Fusion 160 is a welder/generator that's ready, willing and able to help operators boost productivity and create better quality welds than before in this space — and it provides the ability to work virtually anywhere," said Megan Biese, marketing manager, Power Systems Division, Miller Electric Mfg. Co. "No other engine-driven welder/generator delivers the combination of improved arc characteristics and versatile power options in a lighter-weight package."

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