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Viewpoint and DroneDeploy Form Partnership to Use New APIs which Integrate Drone Imagery with Project Management Software

Viewpoint and DroneDeploy Form Partnership to Use New APIs which Integrate Drone Imagery with Project Management Software

Viewpoint has announced a partnership with drone mapping software platform DroneDeploy to help construction companies track job progress, save time and reduce risk with drone maps and 3D models. Drone technology is becoming increasingly prevalent on jobsites as an efficient means of collecting aerial data to aid in design, planning and construction management.

"By publishing drone imagery such as sitemaps directly into the Viewpoint Team project management platform, we're ensuring that project information, of all types, is fully integrated and exposed to the entire project team. This exciting new capability gives project teams a single location to access critical project information, such as drone site maps, and track job progress in real-time," said Viewpoint Senior Vice President of Products Matt Harris.

The DroneDeploy platform is compatible with data from any drone, and provides flight automation for DJI drone models. This allows novice users to trace boundaries of an area they want mapped, then the drone will take off, fly the route, capture an image payload, and land safely—all by itself.

Regardless of where drone technology is used across the project lifecycle, construction companies will benefit from cost reductions by automating human intensive processes such as site inspection, surveying, and progress tracking. And help to mitigate the risk inherent in jobsite based processes.

A Viewpoint app, coming in early November to DroneDeploy's app market, will allow project teams to export sitemaps seamlessly into the Viewpoint Team platform. The Viewpoint app will enable DroneDeploy users to directly publish their images to Viewpoint Team's Project Management application using a newly incorporated application programming interface, or API. A live demonstration of the drone technology was presented to attendees of Viewpoint's Collaborate 2017 User Conference held October 10-12 in Portland, Oregon with rave reviews. The partnership with DroneDeploy is the latest in a series of innovations that Viewpoint is making to transform the business of construction through the integration of office, team and field technologies to boost productivity and profitability for contractors across the globe.

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