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Highest tower crane in Canada working in Montréal's Olympic Stadium

Highest tower crane in Canada working in Montréal's Olympic Stadium

Montréal's Olympic Stadium is hosting the highest tower crane in Canada, visible at a distance of up to 12.5 miles (20 km) – Liebherr 710 HC-L and 630 ECH tower cranes,  working together to renovate the Montréal Tower, one of the country’s most recognizable buildings. With the addition of office spaces, its refurbished observatory and state-of-the-art lighting, the Montréal Tower will secure its place as an important destination for years to come. From 2018 on, the renovated building will accommodate more than 1,000 employees of its new tenant Desjardins. 

This important and highly recognized project led the construction contractor, Pomerleau, to team up with Liebherr’s North American dealer Morrow – asking them to deliver a machine that could meet the high requirements of the complex $40 million project where safety concerns and controlling cost overruns is of primary importance. 

The 710 HC-L model tower crane was the perfect machine to accomplish this project. Outperforming all other tower cranes in its class, according to the manufacturer, it has a maximum load of 141,000 lbs (64,000 kg) and hoist line speeds up to 577 fpm (176 m/min). A hole in the canvas of the roof had to be made to let the crane stand at the appropriate spot. The second crane on the site, the hammerhead 630 EC-H has been secured to the building using extended custom struts.

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