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Wacker Neuson expands compaction equipment line with a series of new rollers

Wacker Neuson expands compaction equipment line with a series of new rollers

Wacker Neuson has expanded its compaction equipment product offering with a line of tandem and combination rollers. The comprehensive line offers 15 models with operating weights ranging from 1.8 to 4.5 tons. Designed to increase productivity, while offering operator comfort and convenience, these rollers feature maneuverability, safety, optional configurations and Tier 4 Final engines. The RD series of ride-on rollers deliver quality results in demanding conditions.

With the large selection of models, contractors can easily choose the best roller for their application. The product range includes 10 tandem (double-drum) rollers with either vibration drums or oscillation drums and five combination rollers for applications on uneven ground conditions and on steeper grades. The vibration drums are ideal for traditional compaction work such as sub base for a variety of applications and asphalt repair and finish layers. Rollers with an oscillation drum compact extremely efficiently, since the drums maintain permanent contact with the ground. These rollers are an excellent choice for urban areas with sound restrictions and vibration-sensitive areas such as on bridges. 

The smallest model in Wacker Neuson’s new line is the RD18, 1.8-ton, which is available in two drum widths, 31.5-inches (80 cm) and 39.4-inches (100 cm). With the unilateral drum support, users have clear sided curb clearance that allows flush rolling on both sides and flush vibration close to walls or curbs. 

The RD24, 2.4-ton, model offers a drum width of 39.4-inches (100 cm), and the 2.8-ton, RD28 has a 47.2-inch wide drum. The RD24 and RD28 are offered in three versions: Tandem-axle roller with two vibrating drums; combination roller with vibrating front drum and pneumatic rear tires; vibrating front drum with oscillating rear drum.  These models feature an offset drum design that allows for easy maneuvering when compacting along walls. In addition, the offset drum design increases productivity by reducing cut marks. 

In the 4-ton class, contractors can choose the RD40 with its 51.2-inch (130 cm) drum width and the 4.5-ton RD45 with a 54.4-inch (140) wide drum. These models are also available as traditional tandem rollers, tandem rollers with oscillation drum or combination rollers. The RD40 and RD45 have high centrifugal forces that can tackle the most demanding compaction tasks as well as the offset drum design for enhanced maneuverability and production. Large fuel and water tanks extend operation time and central drainage means water can be drained in one simple step. The RD40 and RD45 come standard with a fold-down roll-over protective structure (ROPS).  

All of Wacker Neuson’s ride-on rollers feature a three-point articulated pendulum joint that ensures uniform weight distribution on the front and rear drums at all times. This also improves maneuverability and stability when turning. Due to the specially tapered design, the operator maintains an excellent view of the drum edges and the area being compacted. The ergonomic operators’ platform with reduced vibration and ample legroom and adjustable seat all contribute to comfortable operating conditions. 

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