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Global Rental Alliance adds Japanese association to its ranks

Global Rental Alliance adds Japanese association to its ranks

The Global Rental Alliance (GRA) welcomed another association to its membership ranks during its 15th annual meeting, held recently at The Rental Show 2017 in Orlando, Fla.

The Japan Construction Rental Association (JCRA) officially joined the GRA ranks, with representatives attending the meeting along with those from the Canadian Rental Association (CRA); European Rental Association (ERA),Belgium; Hire Association Europe (HAE), United Kingdom; Hire Industry Association of New Zealand (HIANZ); Hire and Rental Industry Association Ltd. (HRIA), Australia; and American Rental Association (ARA).

“The Global Rental Alliance continues to be a valuable forum for industry and association representatives from around the world to engage on key issues that impact rental/hire operators,” said Tony Conant, ARA CEO. “The addition of the Japan Construction Rental Association brings the third largest country from a global rental perspective to the Alliance. The GRA welcomes Mr. Kadoguchi and the JCRA to the GRA, as we are always looking to add global members that are interested in advancing the rental industry.”

The meeting agenda included a review of the global survey initiative of the GRA, with a release of a 2015 combined rental revenue figure among the GRA associations of US $91.5 billion as calculated by IHS Markit on behalf of the group. This combined rental revenue figure includes that of Japan for the first time. Discussion was held among the associations on the economic forecast for their countries through 2017 and the level of rental penetration as they choose to define it for their respective country. All associations are committed to increasing rental penetration on behalf of their membership through their respective program work.

Other agenda items of the full-day meeting focused on advancing the business success for members of the individual associations and promoting the image of the equipment rental industry throughout the world. Priorities and member initiatives of the associations were shared for the benefit of the group, as well as trends and industry developments. Among the topics discussed were global technology trends, success and challenges with their individual association conventions, and workplace issues including creating rental industry awareness and promoting rental as a viable career option. Online rental providers also were discussed.

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