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Diamond coring tool delivers fast speeds and torque

Diamond coring tool delivers fast speeds and torque

From small anchor holes to large diameter holes in concrete with heavy rebar, the new Hilti Diamond coring tool DD 250 delivers fast drilling speeds and more than enough torque to get the job done. The rig-based wet drilling system, DD 250, offers contractors a drilling range of 1/2-in to 18-in for a broad range of coring jobs, including heavy-duty anchoring, rebar, service entries, ventilation duct and sanitation pipes to name a few. It features four gears for faster drilling speed at the right torque, and it utilizes an innovative hole starting mode, making it easier for the operator to start a job. 

Hilti designed the Diamond coring tool DD 250 to be smart with a digital display that will help guide the operator during each coring job. The operator can follow the display to accurately level the tool, select the right gear for the jobs, check how much work has been accomplished, receive live status updates and service messages.

The diamond coring tool has an air-cooled, heavy-duty drive unit with four-speed gearing and convenient controls. Rotating speeds include 240 rpm in gear 1, 580 rpm in gear 2, 1160 rpm in gear 3 and 2220 rpm in gear 4. 

Because the Hilti DD 250 is used for wet coring applications it is Table 1 compliant with the new OSHA §1926.1153 standard for respirable crystalline silica dust.

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