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Trimble announces 3D Machine Control for Dynamic Compaction

Trimble has introduced its new DPS900 Machine Control System for Dynamic Compaction, a dedicated, 3D system for dynamic compaction applications such as airports, roads and large structures. Using the DPS900 system, contractors can achieve a safer work environment and increase operational efficiency to reduce costs. The announcement was made at Trimble Dimensions.

"The DPS900 system changes the way dynamic compaction is done,” said Scott Crozier, director of marketing for Trimble’s Civil Engineering and Construction Division. “Without DPS900, the manual process is often prone to error. With precise positioning from the DPS900 system, machines can be used more efficiently and accurate reporting can help reduce costs."

The DPS900 Machine Control System for Dynamic Compaction increases worker safety by eliminating the need for surveyors to work in close proximity to large machines. The number of drops per location and the depth of the hole can be accurately and automatically tracked and recorded using the DPS900 system, reducing errors from the manual reporting method used today. In addition, the DPS900 system reduces the time to setup for each drop location, which can increase production and reduce costs.

As part of a complete solution, Business Center - HCE office software by Trimble is used to create plans in the office and allows for integration with data prep, estimating and reporting functions. Dynamic compaction cranes can be connected to the office using Trimble Connected Site® solutions for wireless data transfer and GNSS corrections. In addition, machines can be tracked and monitored using VisionLink® for location, hours and utilization information.

The DPS900 Machine Control System for Dynamic Compaction is supported and serviced by local SITECH® technology dealers. SITECH expertise with Trimble 3D machine control systems allows contractors to make a smooth transition to machine control workflows so downtime is minimized.

The Trimble DPS900 Machine Control System for Dynamic Compaction is expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2016 globally through the SITECH dealer channel.

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