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New hydraulic regeneration system gives digging a boost on Kobelco SK300LC-10 excavator

The new KOBELCO SK300LC-10 excavator leads the way in power, productivity and efficiency.
The new KOBELCO SK300LC-10 excavator leads the way in power, productivity and efficiency.

As part of the Kobelco Generation 10, the new SK300LC-10 excavator establishes new standards in value, productivity and durability. This robust 68,100-pound model is powered by a 252-hp Tier 4 Final HINO engine, enabling it to easily tackle heavy-duty applications while remaining fuel efficient. The SK300LC’s engine incorporates a Selective Catalytic Reduction system with Diesel Particulate Filters, which converts NOx into harmless nitrogen and water emissions; the dual system ultimately minimizes Diesel Exhaust Fluid and decreases NOx emissions by 88 percent, while providing the lowest possible operation costs.

The trendsetting Kobelco SK300LC delivers a dynamic bucket digging force of 37,300-lbf to achieve leading-class work volume, even while minimizing fuel consumption. Much of this boost in efficiency comes from a new hydraulic regeneration system, which aids the arm by reusing force generated by the boom, to further minimize energy loss.

Transferring all that power into the job required an enhanced attachment structure for the durable SK300LC. The new unit provides ample power to lift the heaviest of loads and the rugged construction to stay safe while you follow through. A higher boom foot cross-section, thicker arm-foot base plate and stronger foot bases are provided for added reinforcement. Additionally, a redesigned boss shape and boom foot improve overall stability while evenly distributing digging forces for optimum durability.

The SK300LC’s new travel motor increases traction force by 10 percent, enabling it to deliver a drawbar pulling force more powerful than competitive models – without sacrificing travel speed. The SK300LC is also equipped with independent travel, a Kobelco exclusive feature that allows the machine to move, lift and swing simultaneously without experiencing loss of power. Furthermore, automatic swing priority instantly delivers full swing power during combined operations without switching modes.

Maintenance on the Generation 10 SK300LC is easy and cost efficient. Remote diagnostic and preventive maintenance systems utilize the latest IT innovations to virtually improve operating product lifecycle costs. Easy access to maintenance data from the operation management system greatly improves ease of maintenance scheduling and ensures a long service life. Operators can expect extended service intervals when it comes to engine oil, hydraulic oil, filter changes and greasing.

Operators can also look forward to staying comfortable in the new Kobelco SK300LC, regardless of the work at hand. A 25 percent reduction in pilot control operator force further lessens operator fatigue during long hours of operation. The expanded cab provides wide access doors for ease of entry and exit, while windows on all sides offer excellent visibility, ensuring safe operation. Increased air conditioner capacity and additional ventilation outlets improve climate control and direct airflow.

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