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Caterpillar Introduces the PM620 and PM622 Cold Planers

Caterpillar Introduces the PM620 and PM622 Cold Planers

Caterpillar Inc. has announced the availability of the PM620 and PM622 Cold Planers. The machines are high-production, highly maneuverable half-lane milling machine that perform controlled full-depth removal of asphalt and concrete pavements in a single pass. Operating weight for the PM620 is approximately 33 330 kg (73,260 lb) and the PM622 is approximately 33 900 kg (74,580 lbs). Transport weight for the PM620 is approximately 29 400 kg (64,680 lb), and the PM620 is approximately 30 000 kg (66,140 lb).

The PM620 and PM622 are powered by a Cat® C18 ACERT™ engine, a turbocharged, 6-cylinder diesel engine that provides 470 kW (630 hp) of gross power. The C18 engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage IV emission standards. The engine is iso-mounted to reduce vibration and increase operator comfort.

The Automatic Engine Speed Control feature allows the engine to optimize output to match the load, reducing excessive fuel consumption and wear on the engine.

The turbocharged air-to-air aftercooling system provides high horsepower with increased response-time while keeping exhaust temperatures low, which generates significant improvements in airflow. This increases efficiency and reduces emissions.

The cooling system provides cool intake air in order to maximize fuel efficiency and minimize emissions. An on-demand variable speed fan draws ambient air from the top of the engine hood and through the cooling package, keeping the engine compartment cool. Heated air exits from the rear of the machine, directed away from the operator’s station for greater operator comfort.

Undercarriage and Drive System

The PM620 and PM622 utilize a four-post design. The leg posts feature an auto-leveling function that provides smooth height adjustment without stepping.

The machines are fully hydrostatically driven by two variable displacement propel pumps supplying oil to variable displacement motors on each track. Drive motors are piston-type and automatically control displacement to provide maximum torque for work or greater speed for moving around the job site. A propel lever/steering joystick provides infinite control of the travel speed within the range.

The machines have a robust propel system with a diagonal cross flow design that provides exceptional traction. The pumps drive opposing track motors, front to back and side to side, to ensure the machine has power across the center of gravity of the machine. In extreme conditions, automatic traction control minimizes slippage by providing more power to tracks that grip.

There are several automated functions to simplify operation. The operator’s platform has a ‘hold’ button to stop the machine and pause various functions while making truck interchanges or job stops. It returns to previous working speed and functions when deactivated. There is a speed limit to allow the operating speed to set to ensure consistent operations. The machines are equipped with position sensing cylinders in the posts and hydraulic systems, providing basic machine function improvements such as service height indications and rear leg auto-stop. It also enables the optional Cat Grade Control system to include additional capabilities.

The drive tracks are based on durable, proven Caterpillar designs and components. Track tension automatically adjusts to ensure optimum operation. Track assemblies are 1788 mm (70.4") long, 305 mm (12") wide and feature replaceable, bolt on polyurethane track pads for long service life.

Four-mode steering is standard. An electronic control module processes inputs from the sensors on the front and rear tracks along with input from the steering selector controls. It provides precise simultaneous track movement in the cab and coordinated steering modes and automatically realigns the rear tracks to center when the front-tracks-only steering mode is selected. In the coordinated mode, the inside turning radius is a tight 2.00 m (6' 5") providing exceptional maneuverability in confined spaces.

A true-tracking alignment function provides greater steering precision, smoother cornering and reduced track wear. This function makes small adjustments to the alignment of individual tracks to ensure that the tracks are travelling in the optimal direction to make the desired maneuver without dragging a track or shorting a radius. This extends track pad and undercarriage component life.

The operator’s station features dual operating controls, including joystick steering/propel lever, upper conveyor controls and rear track steering controls. Ergonomic instrumentation layout has been designed for comfort and ease of use. A touchscreen display is visible in day or night conditions, and keypads are backlit for comfortable low light operation. Keypad controls are positioned within easy reach for the operator. A large storage locker is standard. Options that add comfort for the operator include suspension seats and a hydraulically operated canopy. The canopy can deploy and retract to a storage position without disrupting operation. The canopy can be equipped with optional front and rear windscreens that protect the entire width of the operator station.

The touchscreen display provides easy-to-read gauges, function indicators and warning indicators to keep the operator informed of machine operation and vital systems. It also displays video from the optional remote cameras if equipped. An optional second display can provide an additional monitor for machine functions.

The computerized monitoring system includes several electronic control modules (ECMs) that constantly monitor system pressures and engine conditions with multiple modes of operation. The system can provide self-diagnostics and fault codes to the touchscreen display.

The machines are equipped with excellent perimeter lighting for enhanced low light operation. The halogen lights are positioned around the machine to provide light to work areas. An upgrade to LED lights is available. The operator’s platform has floor lighting that activates upon button press from any control station to provide visibility when accessing the machine in low light conditions.

An optional remote camera system is available. The cameras are positioned to provide the operator with views to the front and/or rear of the machine. Video is displayed on the primary touchscreen. Up to two optional magnetic mounting cameras are available.

Cutting System

The cutting chamber features a design that streamlines material flow, reduces wear on the chamber, and has enhanced flush cutting capability. Side plates move via independent hydraulic cylinders that are equipped with position sensors. This ensures that the side plates float at the proper level, and eliminates binding. It also eliminates the need for a wire (yo-yo) sensor by enabling the entire length of the side plate to function as an averaging ski for grade matching. A hydraulically operated anti-slab device prevents slabbing of the road surface. It also protects the collecting conveyor and ensures an optimum discharge opening to the rotor chamber. The chamber also features a right side hinged door to provide service access to the rotor. The moldboard, side plates and anti-slab device all feature raise, lower, float and hold functions.

The rotor drive system features a dry clutch driving a planetary gear reducer, an efficient and reliable system of applying rotor power to the pavement. The clutch is coupled to the engine and is hydraulically actuated by the keypad controls on the operator’s console. Three cutting speeds are available to match the best rotor RPM and torque with the job site conditions, and are controlled electronically from the keypad on the operator’s control console.

Automatic Load Control is a standard feature to enhance machine productivity while milling. An ECM continually evaluates engine rpm and controls propel speed as required to maintain peak performance for maximum output.

Two five-rib, high-tensile-strength belts drive the rotor through a drum drive gear reducer. The hydraulically powered automatic drive belt tensioner prevents slipping and reduces maintenance.

The PM620 is equipped with a 2010 mm (79") wide high production rotor and the PM622 is equipped with a 2235 mm (88") wide high production rotor. The maximum cutting depth is 330 mm (13"). The rotor is equipped with durable three-piece, quick release tool holders and carbide-tipped cutting bits arranged in a chevron pattern for maximum breakout force. Optional Cat Diamond Bits are available for greater cutting performance during certain applications.

The quick release conical tool holders feature a tapered fit, maintaining tightness in the holder base. The mandrel features large, replaceable, carbide-faced loading paddles to effectively move milled material onto the collecting conveyor, resulting in higher production and less wear on the inside of the rotor chamber and cutting tools. Triple-tree cutting bit placements on rotor end cutters provides optimum bit spacing to clean up loose material and reduces wear on drum when maneuvering in the cut.

Optional Cat Diamond Bits offer the ultimate in cutting performance. The bits last up to 80 times longer than conventional carbide bits, extending periods between stops for bit maintenance. This increases production and reduces operating costs by facilitating more uptime and reducing the need to purchase and store pallets of carbide bits. Cat Diamond Bits are sharper than conventional carbide bits, reducing drag on the cutting system and allowing the machine to cut at faster speeds, increasing production. Reduced drag also decreases fuel consumption, vibration to the operator and machine wear, which lowers operating and maintenance costs.

Cat Grade Control Option

The PM620 and PM622 can be equipped with integrated Cat Grade Control. The 2D-capable/3D-ready grade and slope system automatically controls rotor depth and cross slope to a preset cutting depth, and can be enhanced for full 3D control with the addition of optional equipment. The base system is fully integrated with the machine, providing easier, more precise operation and better system protection. The system can be configured with contacting or non-contacting grade sensors including Cat sonic sensors and mounting hardware, the side plate position or optional inboard ski. The machine can be set up to control grade on both sides using any combination of sensors. Or, the machine can be set up to control grade on one side of the machine and slope on the other. The system allows you to change the sensor arrangement during operation with simple commands, as work site application requires.

The position sensing technology coupled with the Cat Grade Control system provides the machine with functions such as an automatic plunge cut feature that eases the rotor into the start of the cut. The machines also have a ramp-in, ramp-out capability to provide a gradual, sloped entry or exit from the cut. An auto-jump feature allows the machine to exit a cut, clear an obstacle such as a manhole cover or grate, and re-enter the cut at the previously set depth with use of a single button.

A cross communication function allows the operator to view and change settings of control boxes located on the opposite side of the machine. This provides the operators with a means to control both sides of a job from a single location. The system also provides a cross-coupling function that when an adjustment is made to the grade or slope of one side of the machine, the opposite side will automatically adjust based on the command parameters. Continual read-out for rotor depth and cross-slope is displayed on each control box and is visible in light or dark conditions.

Sonic grade control sensors can be easily positioned on each side and provide a consistent accuracy to ± 3 mm (1/8").

Conveyor System

The collecting conveyor is driven by a high-torque hydraulic motor to ensure maximum efficiency. A large chamber discharge opening clears out the cutter box quickly to maintain high production. The seamless collector belt features 32 mm (1.25") high cleats and is 850 mm (33.5") wide to clear out the cutter box effectively and control fine particles. An optional grease tensioning system uses a grease cylinder to adjust tension and tracking on the belt rather than an adjustable screw. The cylinder makes the adjustment easier and reduces crew exposure to the spinning belt. A traditional screw adjustment design is also available.

A standard water spray system lubricates the conveyor belt and helps control dust. A centrifugal pump supplies water to spray nozzles in the cutting chamber. The nozzles focus water spray in a flat fan pattern to the rotor for better cooling of cutting bits. Nozzles are easily removed for inspection and replacement without tools. The system features an automatic function that operates only when the rotor is engaged and machine is moving forward, which conserves water. The system is triple filtered, and includes a gauge to monitor water pressure, a low water level indicator and water control valves to conserve water usage. An onboard winterization system is also included, providing a simple method to purge waterlines with pressurized air.

The 3400 L (898 gal) water tank can be filled from standard wide fill openings on the top of the machine or the standard ground level port at the rear of the machine. There is also an optional side fill port. This enables adding water while the machine is operating. An optional water transfer pump is available to facilitate additional filling options.

An additional water spray system can be fitted as an option for greater lubrication, cooling and dust reduction during heavy-duty applications. This system includes an additional water pump, a second spray bar located in the rotor chamber housing, and extra spray nozzles on the collecting conveyor.

The hydraulically controlled front loading conveyor features height adjustment for raise and lower and two cylinders for a 60 degree swing to the left and right of center that can be controlled from the operator’s station or at two ground level control stations. It is equipped with upper aluminum covers for added protection against material spills and blowing of fine materials. The loading conveyor can also be hydraulically folded downwards, reducing machine dimensions during transportation.

The seamless loading conveyor belt features 32 mm (1.25") high cleats and is 850 mm (33.5") wide. It offers long service life and excellent control of fine particles. Variable belt speed provides adjustable control of the loading conveyor to ensure proper discharge.

An optional dust abatement system is available. The system utilizes a vacuum that pulls dust from the collecting conveyor and the transitional zone between the collecting and loading conveyors. The dust is ejected through the loading conveyor along with the discharge material.

Optional Equipment

Options include a diamond bit cutting drum and bits, a self-powered canopy, canopy windscreens, additional touchscreen displays, Cat Grade Control, inboard averaging ski with position sensing cylinder, suspension seats, remote cameras, additional water spray system, dust abatement vacuum system, a rotor turning attachment, a high-pressure wash down system, bucket trays for cutter bit bucket storage, a high capacity water tank refilling pump and an electric refueling pump.


Large doors open wide to provide excellent access to the engine, emissions package, air filter, hydraulic components and daily service points.

The computerized monitoring system includes Electronic Control Modules (ECMs) that continually monitor system pressures and engine conditions with multiple modes of operation. The system can provide self-diagnostics and provide fault code to the touchscreen display.

The machines feature long service intervals to reduce owning and operating costs. Engine oil service is every 500 hours, and hydraulic oil service is every 3,000 hours if oil sampling is not conducted, up to 6,000 hours if scheduled oil sampling occurs.

An auxiliary electric pump drive provides an emergency hydraulic flow that allows a disabled machine to manage some machine functions and be towed away from the work area to ensure that the disabled machine will not disrupt the continuation of work.

The hydraulic rotor service door opens wide for convenient access to rotor for inspection and tool maintenance. The engine-mounted air compressor and cutting bit removal tools make changing cutting tools quick and easy. An optional rotor-turning attachment is available to turn the rotor during cutter bit replacement.

Hydraulic hoses are held neatly in place with polyurethane routing blocks. The blocks separate hoses helping ensure that they do not rub on one another to provide long life and high reliability.

Wiring for the electrical system is protected by nylon-braided wrap. All-weather connectors ensure electrical system integrity. Electrical wiring is color-coded, numbered and labeled with component identifiers to simplify troubleshooting.

Product Link™ provides accurate, timely and useful information about the location, utilization and condition of your equipment. The system streamlines diagnostic efforts, maintenance scheduling, and costs by providing communication flow of vital machine data and location information between the dealer and customer. Optional configurations are available.

Two maintenance-free Cat batteries that are specifically designed for maximum cranking power and protection against vibration provide the 24-volt electrical system. The batteries are located at the rear of the machine and are easily accessible at ground level.

Other features that simplify service include leak-resistant O-ring face seal hydraulic fittings, grouped quick-connect hydraulic test ports, scheduled oil sampling ports, visual sight gauges and remote grease points.

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Municipalities are responsible for the care and maintenance of vast amounts of roads, from lanes to highways. When those roads are repaired or replaced, there's the potential to generate a significant amount of aggregate material - concrete and asphalt removed from the surface that must be dealt with.
Today's roadbuilding contractors are taking this material and recycling it more than ever before. However, research is showing that some municipalities are far better than others when it comes to using this type of aggregate in their roads - and some are far behind.

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Case adds two new vibratory rollers to DV Series

Case Construction Equipment has introduced the latest additions to the DV Series of vibratory rollers. With models available in both double drum and combination (front drum with rear pneumatic tires) configurations, these rollers are powerful, easy to transport and nimble enough to work in a variety of residential and commercial construction applications where the operator may encounter tight quarters, curbs, structures and other obstacles.

State-of-the-art high-performance W380 CRi cold recycler from Wirtgen

Due to the rapid increase in heavy-duty transport, the global road network is showing visible signs of aging in many places. In order to ensure that the road infrastructure remains functional over the long term, roads are increasingly requiring structural rehabilitation. Wirtgen developed the high-performance W 380 CRi cold recycler specifically to meet these requirements. This innovative machine will be unveiled to the world at the Bauma trade show. 

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Wacker Neuson has updated its 1.2-ton tandem vibratory roller line to include improved visibility, curb clearance and easier service access. The RD12 series has dominated the industry since it was originally developed and introduced to the North American market 30 years ago. These popular ride-on rollers are the perfect fit for residential and commercial construction for asphalt and subbase soil compaction of parking lots, driveways, secondary roads and nature trails. Additionally, they are an excellent choice for landscape and golf course contractors to statically roll sod, fairways and greens.


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Efficient fleet management with WITOS FleetView from Wirtgen Group

"A penny saved is a penny earned." WITOS FleetView is a must-have for anyone who takes this old proverb to heart, because with the fleet and service management solution from the WIRTGEN GROUP, users and machine operators have diverse advantages that are worth their weight in gold. An example from the field confirms it: GSI-Asphalt, a medium-sized enterprise in Eging am See, near Passau, Germany, has been using WITOS FleetView for years in conjunction with the SmartService service agreement. While SmartService provides for regular inspections in accordance with the instruction manual, the telematics solution WITOS FleetView additionally supports proactive maintenance planning and a rapid response in the event of faults. Both services guarantee maximum machine availability - enhancing the cost-efficiency and value retention of the machinery.

World premiere of Bell Equipment's B45E 4x4

With the launch of the new Bell B45E 4x4 at bauma, Bell Equipment will add a new model to its range of articulated 4x4 two-axle ADTs. Similar to the sixty-tonner B60E and the smaller Bell B30E 4x4, the new truck is configured to provide a highly efficient and cost-effective transport solution for niche applications in the mining and construction industry.

New Dynapac pavers take commercial class to the next level

Dynapac North America upgrades its commercial class paver range with the new FC1700C, FC1400 II, and FC1300 II.  The new pavers are equipped with EPA Tier 4 Final certified emissions regulations-compliant engines and offer new features that takes the Dynapac commercial class paver range to the next level.  The launch of the new FC1700 will take place at the National Pavement Expo in Nashville, TN.  


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Bomag BF300 commercial pavers bring unique features to improve quality and efficiency

BOMAG introduces the new BF 300 series of commercial pavers that offers big paver features and efficiency in a 6-ft (1.8-m) paver. The rubber tire BF 300 P-2and BF 300 C-2 track pavers are designed to elevate paving quality and productivity, while reducing costs on a range of municipal, department of transportation, city development, and bike and cart path applications. 

Volvo CE expands ActiveCare Direct to pavers

Originally launched in 2017 for excavators, articulated haulers and wheel loaders, ActiveCare Direct is now available on select Volvo asphalt pavers. Starting February 2019, the P7110B and P7170B will be eligible for a one-year free subscription to ActiveCare Direct with a new machine purchase.

Bridgestone brings portfolio of OTR tire solutions to AGG1

Bridgestone Americas, Inc. will exhibit its integrated portfolio of off-the-road (OTR) products, technologies and services at the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association Aggregates Academy and Expo (AGG1) and World of Asphalt 2019 Show and Conference, Feb. 12-14 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Located at booth 31089, Bridgestone will showcase the benefits of using products backed by integrated technologies to drive increased productivity for customers.

CASE launches new series of small-frame vibratory rollers

Case Construction Equipment has announced a new series of small-frame vibratory rollers. Available in both double drum and combination (front drum with rear pneumatic tires) configurations, these compact rollers are easy to transport and are ideal for working in residential and commercial construction applications where the operator may encounter tight quarters, curbs, structures and other obstacles.

Komatsu America and Bomag distribution partnership paves way to new market opportunities

Bomag Americas, Inc. and Komatsu America Corp. are pleased to announce that Komatsu's six company owned dealerships (Edward Ehrbar, Komatsu Equipment Company, Komatsu Northeast, Komatsu Southwest, Midlantic Machinery and Pine Bush Equipment) have entered into an arrangement for the sale and support of Bomag compaction, milling, paving and reclaiming/stabilizing equipment for roadbuilding and other construction markets. 

Bomag's new paving training programs help operators and companies get the most from their equipment

For asphalt contractors to be successful in today's competitive paving market, paver and roller operators must acquire a deep knowledge of the equipment's features and put this knowledge into practice at the jobsite. With long-time equipment operators retiring at a high rate, the next generation of operators must receive extensive in-depth training on the equipment in order to meet project specifications without costly rework so companies can maximize equipment return on investment.

Asphalt Drum Mixers offers crane-set and self-erect asphalt storage silos

Asphalt Drum Mixers, Inc. offers crane-set and self-erect asphalt storage silos, which are compatible with both the company's own and similar competitive models of asphalt plants. ADM silos are available in many configurations from single self-erecting silo to multiple crane-set silos and several drive-through configurations. Capacities are available between 30 and 300 tons. Custom designs and capacities are also available to accommodate any producer.

Road Dryer RD-1200 safely dries pavement in one pass for paving, surface treatments

The RD-1200XT pavement-drying unit from Greenville, South Carolina-based Road Dryer, LLC, quickly dries asphalt and concrete pavement, allowing crews to pave or apply surface treatments or striping after just one pass. The unit, which blows heated air up to 300° F directly downward through multiple nozzles, eliminates the risk of "flying objects," and allows traffic to flow in nearby lanes — reducing congestion caused by traffic restrictions. Available as a simple-to-operate trailer- or truck-mounted unit, the RD-1200XT can be adjusted for 8-ft to 12-ft (2.4m to 3.7m) drying widths. Because it dries pavement on demand, it provides flexibility for contractors and government agencies to meet timetables by minimizing delays from weather- and project-related wet conditions.


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Move big snow with Torwel's heavy-duty snow pushers

Torwel Limited has announced its new and improved Heavy-Duty Snow Pushers in widths from 8' through 18'. All models boast robust design and upgrades that include adjustable skid/wear shoes and easy to use attachment systems that include the universal skid steer mounting system and the new versatile utility tractor/loader global mounting system.

In-depth report: asphalt pavers

Trends in asphalt paving centre around making it easier and faster to lay down the highest quality pavement. In our latest in-depth report, our panel of experts from five manufacturers take a look at advances and technologies that are available in asphalt pavers, their current level of adoption, the advantages they offer, plus considerations when looking at the purchase of a new machine. 

Vögele offers new app for paver operators

JOSEPH VÖGELE AG are further extending their range of service and training options for users: using a specially developed app and the associated web special, job-site professionals can now get to grips with the ErgoPlus 3 operating concept quickly and easily with the aid of numerous animations. 

NC Equipment purchases DYNAPAC’S NEWEST MOBILE Feeder in North America

Segregation - the separation of asphalt mats that can cause headaches for road maintenance crews - is a hot topic in the paving industry as more contracts include clauses regarding this challenging condition. 
As a long-time dealer and rental house serving northern Alberta's asphalt contractors, NC Equipment keeps track of the trends in the industry. As a full-time Dynapac dealer since 2017, it has taken the lead for its customers by bringing in a North American first to help reduce segregation problems on roadbuilding jobs.

Topcon acquires ThunderBuild, expanding paving solutions portfolio

Topcon Positioning Group announces the complete acquisition of ThunderBuild BV Group, expanding the portfolio of Topcon paving solutions. Based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, ThunderBuild develops software related to logistics management with a primary focus in the asphalt market, as well as additional applications that pertain to the transport of bulk materials.

​A-1 Sandrock paves the way with recycled asphalt shingles and Terex equipment

With 12 million tons of tear-off roofing material being generated each year in the United States, and increased regulations, the industry demands efficient recyclers. Efficiency is second nature to A-1 Sandrock. The company has rose to the challenge over the last few years, growing their shingle disposal program into a massive operation that's convenient for roofers, communities, North Carolina, and the surrounding states.

Cat pneumatic compactor in nine- and eleven-wheel models is ideal for all types of asphalt mix

Designed for use on granular materials and all types of asphalt-mix designs, the new Cat CW16 pneumatic (rubber-tire) roller is available as a standard nine-wheel model with a 69-inch (1,754-mm) compaction width or as an optional 11-wheel model with an 84-inch (2,132-mm) compaction width. The CW16 is designed for efficient performance on highways, city streets, county roads, lane additions, industrial sites, overlays, or other mid-size jobs.


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