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Show Review: Bauma 2016 equipment highlights, part I

Heavy Equipment Guide’s Bauma 2016 Show Review features a selection of key equipment introductions and innovations. Some equipment may not be currently available in North America.

Show Review: Bauma 2016 equipment highlights, part I


HB365LC-3 Hybrid excavator

Compared to a standard PC360LC-11 excavator, the new Komatsu 36-tonne HB365LC-3 hybrid was designed to provide 20 percent fuel savings. According to the company, KOMTRAX data from HB365LC-3 machines working in Japan since February 2016 show that Komatsu has reached this target.

The HB365LC-3 has the same SAA6D114E-6 engine (202 kW / 271 hp) as the PC360LC-11, with up to 53 kW extra electric power supplied by the Komatsu hybrid system. The kinetic energy generated during the swing-braking phase is converted to electricity, which is sent through an inverter and captured by the Komatsu Ultra Capacitor. When accelerating under workload conditions the captured energy is discharged quickly for upper structure rotation and to assist the engine as commanded by the hybrid controller. The reserve power stored by the hybrid technology represents additional horsepower that is available to maximize machine performance by supporting the engine, or is used for swing power.


Hybrid drive HD+ 90I PH tandem roller

Hamm has introduced a novel hybridpowertrain prototype on the HD+ 90i PH tandem roller. This new development combines the traditional diesel engine, which covers the base load, with a hydraulic accumulator that meets peak loads.

A detailed examination of the actual engine load of the HD+ 90i PH during compaction showed the Hamm developers that the peak loads were only needed occasionally and even then for just a few seconds. This is the case when the roller starts up or when the vibration/oscillation is activated. In the new hybrid power roller, these brief peak loads are handled by a hydraulic system, enabling the roller to be equipped with a smaller diesel engine for the same performance. The load on the diesel engine is also reduced, as the radiator fans are electrically operated for optimum efficiency.

The 9-tonne roller is powered by a 55.4-kW engine instead of an 85-kW unit, yet has the same compaction power. The smaller engine does not require an SCR catalytic converter or AdBlue. The hybrid powertrain, in combination with electric fan drives and a start-stop system, enables savings of up to 15 percent in fuel consumption and substantially cuts CO2 emissions.

The hybrid system is entering field trials in selected markets during 2016 and is expected to be available in models with double vibration (VV) and oscillation (VO), as well as in combi rollers (VT), as standard equipment from 2017.


REMAX 1111 maxi mobile impact crusher

SBM has expanded the REMAX series with the new REMAX 1111 MAXI mobile impact crusher that features an eco-friendly diesel-electric drive with optional external power supply. This track-mounted plant weighing 29.8 tons (without options) belongs to the compact class. The total weight including secondary screening unit comes to 34.5 tons. Standard hopper size is 3.3 cubic metres. Hydraulically folding hopper sides, which make the hopper even higher, can be operated and locked from the ground and increase the hopper volume to six cubic metres. Optimum material flow is assured due to the integrated two-deck pre-screening unit with lateral discharge conveyor, the aggressive intake geometry, and the discharge chute below the impact crusher for especially gentle transfer to the main discharge conveyor. The heart of the unit is the RCI 11/11/4 impact crusher which has a rotor diameter of 1,100 mm and a system width of 1,100 mm.


HTT-86110 telescopic truck terrain crane

Link-Belt’s HTT-86110 telescopic truck terrain crane is base rated at 100 mt. Steerable rear axles with super single tires make the HTT-86110 agile. The four steering modes are independent front, independent rear, combination, and diagonal. Turning radius is less than 8.3 m from the centreline of the tire.

The winch package delivers a maximum line-pull of 92.25 kN (20,739 pounds) and can provide over 71.17 kN (16,000 pounds) of line-pull up to the 4th layer, ideal for 19-mm (3/4-inch) wire ropes that are line-pull rated at 69.83 kN (15,700 pounds) and higher. The maximum line speed on the winch is 150.9 m/min (495 feet/min). The HTT-86110 features a 50-m main boom. The main boom tip height is 52.6 m.

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