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Cortec EcoAir corrosion protection

Cortec EcoAir corrosion protection

EcoAir is a complete line of unique, compressed-air powered, water-based spray can corrosion protection products. These spray cans are a complete bio-based replacement for expensive and hazardous chemical propellants. They attack the toughest maintenance duties while being completely safe for the environment.

A four-layer EcoPouch is inserted into a can, which is then pressurized. The EcoPouch is filled with the liquid and as the valve is depressed the surrounding pressure expels the bag’s internal fluids until the product is used up.

EcoAir does not contain chemical propellants, CFCs or HCFCs that affect the atmosphere, the ozone layer, or the environment; they are formulated with biodegradable, nonpolluting ingredients and eliminate waste disposal cost. They are non-flammable. EcoAir products are able to spray in any direction – even upside down and are safe to ship and store.

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