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GOMACO GP3 paves up to 30 feet wide and features Smart Frame Widening to accommodate multiple width changes

 The GP3 features the latest in telematics and remote diagnostics.
The GP3 features the latest in telematics and remote diagnostics.

GOMACO’s new GP3 slipform paver is the first in a new family of GOMACO pavers. It paves up to 30 feet (9.14 m) wide and features Smart Frame Widening to accommodate multiple width changes, Smart Leg Positioning and Smart Steering with full-steer tracks, all controlled by the GOMACO exclusive G+ digital control system, which the company says makes the GP3 the world’s most intelligent paver.

It features a roller frame with dual telescoping capabilities of up to seven feet (2.13 m) on each side of the paver, for a total of 14 feet (4.26 m) of automatic frame widening. Dual telescoping is handled through the use of double parallel, hydraulic telescoping frame members in the front and rear of the mainframe. Smart cylinders in the unique roller frame allow Smart Telescoping with accurate frame widening and automatic width reference for steering setup. The T-beam mounting rail is incorporated into the telescoping frame.

Smart Leg Positioning includes sensored, hydraulic rotational drives on the pivot arms of each of the paver’s four legs. Smart Pivots on the legs provide the G+ control system with information on the angle of rotation and work together with the track rotation sensors to maintain the tracks in the straight-head steering line.

Smart Steering technology uses sensored, hydraulic rotational drives located on each of the paver’s four tracks, providing the ability to steer farther than ever before.

Smart Track Rotation provides the G+ control system with exact track location and position. The GP3 easily turns radii with Smart Leg Positioning and Smart Track Rotation. They work with the G+ control system to automatically control the direction and speed of the track travel through a radius.

The new paver has been designed for easy transport. It is put into the Transport Mode by simply driving the legs around to the transport position with the GP3’s full-steer tracks and hydraulic rotational sensored pivot arms. With the legs in the transport position, G+ travel is switched to “Transport” for complete control. It has a retractable, sliding operator’s console to reduce the shipping width of the machine. Minimum transport size is 8.51 feet (2.59 m) wide by 33.3 feet (10.15 m) long.

The GP3 was designed to be easy to operate with the G+ control system, as well as comfortable for the operator while offering a complete view of the entire job site. Vibrator modules are positioned across the front of the operator’s platform for easy access and good operating visibility.

The GP3 is quiet to operate and has load-sensing hydraulics for maximum paving performance and fuel efficiency.

The isolated operator’s platform provides greater operator comfort during a long day of slipform paving. The platform is easy to access by ladders that pivot and can be adjusted at variable angles for safety and ease in climbing. For minimum-clearance paving conditions, the ladders can be vertically positioned tight against the paver.

G+ Connect allows all the smart accessories and guidance system for the GOMACO paver to be easily interfaced. Simply “connect” a 3D stringless guidance system, IDBI, tie bar inserter (TBI), power transition adjustor (PTA), GOMACO Smoothness Indicator (GSI and more to the GP3 slipform paver. The GP3 can also feature the latest in telematics and remote diagnostics. 

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