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Leica iCON grade iGG4 moves material faster with high accuracy to save time and improve productivity

iCON grade iGG4 utilizes the full potential of motor graders.
iCON grade iGG4 utilizes the full potential of motor graders.

Leica Geosystems has announced the iCON grade iGG4, the new dual machine control solution for graders. Designed to work with speed and precision, the iCON grade iGG4 saves customers time, lowers fuel waste by reducing idle time, and decreases wear and tear on equipment, enabling customers to fine grade in automatic mode and utilize the full potential of their motor grader.

Leica iCON iGG4 uses a dual antenna configuration and the state-of-the-art iCON gps 80 receiver to help operators move material exactly the way project designs require. Operators can crab walk their graders while working on slopes, cutting ditches or spreading material with the blade rotated and raked – all without sacrificing any accuracy or reducing speed. Complex designs previously thought impossible are now able to be carried out using the iCON iGG4 solution. Operators can grade faster by running machines in automatic mode, while moving with precision in any direction because of the new dual antennae configuration and advanced algorithms at work in the iCON 3D software.

Use the motor grader for more without the hassles

The user interface of the iCON 3D is so easy to understand and use that most operators are productive in just a short period of time. Even difficult tasks are quickly understood and easily carried out. The Leica iCON grade iGG4 accounts for the blade in any position, freeing operators to use all features of their graders to accomplish more with their machines. Contractors’ equipment investments are maximized because tasks are accomplished using fewer machines and by reducing the number of hours it takes to complete a task. Fewer operating hours means more time between service calls, which translates into cost savings that put more profit into contractor’s pockets.

Scalable iCON grade solution

The iCON iGG4 solution and the latest CAN technology lets customers start with basic systems and expand them as their projects grow in size, adding and investing in components only as needed to grow from an iGG2 dual laser solution all the way to an iGG4 dual GNSS solution.

The iGG4 display panel enables tasks to be quickly accomplished.

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