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Coneqtec-Universal attachments for road and utility work

Coneqtec MTC 6 and 12 Microtrench Cutter.
Coneqtec MTC 6 and 12 Microtrench Cutter.

Coneqtec-Universal HS Series Manhole Saws

The Coneqtec-Universal HS Series Manhole Saw is a heavy-duty hole saw attachment for high-flow skid steers. The HS Series’ unique clamp assembly allows for fast, stable cutting and seamless removal of the concrete or asphalt manhole core. The HS Series Manhole saw drastically reduces the hours required to repair manhole covers to minutes; typically 10-20 minutes in concrete and twice as fast in asphalt.

  • Hydraulic powered break-out feature.
  • 45 carbide tipped pics to cut through concrete, asphalt and brick.
  • Self-aligning hydraulic clamp securely attaches to collar.
  • 48 inch, 57 inch and custom diameter drums available.

Coneqtec-Universal MTC Series MicroTrenchers

Coneqtec-Universal has a long history working with state DOTs and cabling contractors to advise them on micro-trenching best practices. The MTC series was developed to provide a heavy-duty, portable, and easily maintained skid-steer mounted solution for micro-trenching. Features include:

  • 6 and 12 inch electric-over-hydraulically controlled cutting depth.
  • Cutting wheel widths ranging from 0.5 to 2.5 inches.
  • Quick access panel for changing cutting wheels.
  • Multiple spoil removal options including a vacuum port hookup.

Coneqtec-Universal AP Cold Planers

Coneqtec-Universal's flagship for skid steer attachments is the AP Cold Planer with width sizes from 12 to 48 inches. Advantages include:

  • The open drum design, which greatly reduces re-milling, increases productivity, and reduces dust, noise and uneven cuts.
  • Front down design contains debris in shell and leaves it behind within the milled strip – not to the sides or thrown out front.
  • Heavy-duty carriage arms transfer the host machine’s weight directly over the centre point of the drum for maximal control without bouncing.
  • Direct-drive high torque motors deliver power directly to the drum. One or two speed (increased torque) motors are available.
AP600HD Asphalt Cutter.
HS57 Manhole Cutter Skid Steer Attachment.

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