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European-origin MTV designed for North America

European-origin MTV designed for North America

While the newly designed MT 3000-2i material transfer vehicle is new to this continent, it is a product that has been developed and used in Europe for decades. For North America, the design has been changed to include swinging conveyors and continuous rubber tracks instead of steel tracks. It weighs 56,000 pounds and has a storage capacity of 18 tons. It can move 1,300 tons per hour, and active remixing is achieved by two 16-inch-diameter conical augers in the receiving hopper. Both primary and secondary conveyor belts are heated to keep material from sticking, and eliminate “warm up” loads. The secondary conveyor can swing 55 degrees to left or right. Heated scrapers also keep the belts constantly clean with a minimum of fuss.

More efficiency is achieved by providing active remixing in its receiving hopper, and a passive remixing in a 17- or 22-ton “receiving insert” in the paver hopper. A grate system in the receiving insert breaks up cold crusts as they enter the insert, allowing smaller clumps to absorb heat from the hotter surrounding mix. This passive remixing insert costs nothing in terms of energy or maintenance; in fact, it results in a lower total cost of ownership.

A propel system featuring a unique auto distance control keeps the feeder at a pre-set distance from the paver, so the operator can focus only on steering and the trucks dumping in front. In essence, the paver electronically pushes the feeder. 

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