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Paver with innovative material transfer system

CP75 paver
CP75 paver

The CP75 is built with heavy-duty components, especially in areas prone to high wear, and is designed to be rebuildable with fully replaceable components, such as floor plates.

But what really sets the CP75 apart from other pavers in its class, Carlson says, is its innovative material transfer system. The High Flow Material Conveyor uses dual 35.5-inch heat- and oil-resistant rubberized belts fixed to chain driven slats that effectively transfer material to the augers without segregating the mix. This system combines the efficiency of a rubberized belt with the long lasting durability of a traditional chain and slat system. Hopper capacity is 8 tons.

Powered with a Cummins C3.3 Tier 4 Interim engine producing 74 hp at 2600 rpm and a 95 amp alternator, the CP75 provides better fuel economy than previous models while delivering high torque and power, while closed centre hydraulics provide responsive and fuel efficient power.

A one-piece folding hood for the engine compartment and a front access panel over the hopper makes access easier for maintenance of vital components. Innovative, unique-to- Carlson horizontal sliding damper doors keeps obstructions, such as utility boxes, from damaging them while open.

A 10-kw generator provides fast screed heating and power for additional accessories. The EZC813 electric screed provides paving widths from 8 to 13 feet. A single-slide, adjustable extension-support system provides rigidity at all widths, while Carlson’s adjustable deck cones allow for infinite adjustability of the screed plate to maximize mat quality and screed plate life. Also available is the EZC815 commercial class 8- to 15-foot screed with many industry-leading options like integral berm, power crown and manual slope. 

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