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Hamm Compact Line compactors: compact climbers for earthworks

The new, easy-to-operate small H 5i and H 7i compactors from HAMM are ideally suited for the rental market.
The new, easy-to-operate small H 5i and H 7i compactors from HAMM are ideally suited for the rental market.

HAMM has expanded its programme for earth-moving and is showing the two small H 5i and H 7i compactors for the first time at Bauma. They are ideally suited for construction companies as well as for machine rental because they are extremely simple to operate and offer ergonomically optimized workplaces. On compaction jobs, they stand out for their remarkable climbing ability, very good driving characteristics and generous ground clearance.

The two Bauma innovations weigh in at 4.8 t (H 5i) and 6.3 t (H 7i) in the standard versions. Their concept thoroughly satisfies the criteria for small earth-moving compactors in every respect. The drive merits particular mention: the wheels are driven by wheel motors, enabling HAMM to dispense with a rear axle. Hydraulic anti-slip control ensures continuous traction. This special design feature forms the basis for the exceptionally good climbing ability and generous ground clearance of both models.

Short climbers

The newly designed drive confers yet another advantage: the two compactors are remarkably short. This applies especially to the H 7i. Measuring approx. 4.40 m, it is the world’s shortest compactor in this weight class. Moreover, the combination with the 3-point centre pivot assembly and very short wheel base results in exceptional driving and handling characteristics – a real practical advantage when compacting on confined construction sites.

Ease of operation

The instrument panel bears visual and functional similarities to HAMM’s HD CompactLine of tandem rollers. The arrangement of the steering wheel allows a clear view of and easy access to the instrument panel. Operation calls for no special language skills. On the contrary, every manual operation is apparent from the logical arrangement, meaningful design and clear symbolism of the operating elements. And luminous keys ensure unambiguous operation, even in the dark.

Driver safety and comfort

Like all other HAMM rollers, the small compactors also stand out from the competition for their wide field of view and/or large window areas and outstanding visibility. A small, yet important detail: the rearview mirrors on the H 5i and H 7i can be conveniently adjusted and cleaned from inside the cab through the divided window. All in all, the easy access way, wide opening windows and many convenience options such as the laterally adjustable seat and the air conditioning create a very pleasant work environment. Safety has not been neglected, either, of course: all H CompactLine models are available with ROPS cab, as a ROPS version with or without protective roof and with FOPS.

Clean engine power

A Kubota engine (55.4 kW, complying with Tier 4 / Stage IIIB) in the small compactors powers the drives and power packs. In ECO mode, which delivers sufficient power for most tasks despite engine speed restriction, the compactors operate especially environmentally friendly and efficiently.

A new feature is the optional automatic engine stop system. It reduces diesel consumption by automatically shutting off the engine in certain circumstances, e.g. when the machine is stationary for an extended period. At the same time, the system takes into account the requirements of the exhaust gas purification with diesel particulate filter (DPF).

A variety of drums

With regard to compaction units, there is a choice of a smooth roller drum, a padfoot drum and newly designed two-part padfoot segments which provide exceptional flexibility. A blade can be added as well. The H 7i is also available with a VIO drum, capable of compacting with either vibration or oscillation.

A new feature is the specially designed combiscraper for smooth roller drums with or without padfoot segments. The actual scraper blades are secured in a fixing device. When fitting or removing the padfoot segments, only these blades are swapped. Unrequired scraper blades can then be fixed securely on the cross member.

Options for every application

To complement the standard equipment, HAMM has put together a well-thought-out potpourri of options with which to assemble the perfect H CompactLine model. Interesting features for the rental market include the telematics interface for automatic transmission of machine data and the electronic battery isolating switch that safeguards against battery discharge and theft. A choice of halogen or LED lighting is available.

A compaction measurement system can also be incorporated such as the HCM compactometer or the HCQ Navigator, a sensible option for quality control. This measurement and documentation system enables the compaction work to be recorded comprehensively and layer by layer. In addition, the driver can identify where and to what degree the native soil has been compacted as he or she works.

Fast servicing

The maintenance concept is every bit as clear and understandable as the machine. The routine check on the H CompactLine is quickly dealt with because the few items requiring daily maintenance are easily accessible on one side of the engine.

Good visibility: the sloping engine hood offers an unimpeded view of the area behind the roller.
The engine in the small H 5i and H 7i compactors satisfies the requirements of the Tier 4 / Stage IIIB exhaust gas standard and utilises a DPF to reduce diesel particulates.

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