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Dexter + Chaney announces two new technology partnerships

Dexter + Chaney announces two new technology partnerships

Dexter + Chaney, the developer of Spectrum Construction Software, has announced two new technology partnerships. The first is with Procore Technologies, Inc., a leader in cloud-based construction project management software, to offer integrated project management and accounting.

Procore’s cloud-based construction project management platform helps construction firms increase their project efficiency and accountability by providing streamlined project communication and documentation. A powerful, easy-to-use solution, Procore automates project management tasks and creates a central hub for real time project information. Dexter + Chaney’s Spectrum solution is a web-based ERP suite of applications for complete construction accounting, as well as equipment, service and project management.

By creating a seamless, bi-directional integration between the two systems, clients can realize the full potential of a complete construction management solution.

With this integration, project managers and construction operations professionals can complete work in Procore by collaborating on projects and using various interactive documents, including submittals, RFIs, contracts, schedules and drawings. Procore's unlimited user access plan allows everyone on the project team – from architects to subcontractors – to access and collaborate on the same project data from any location. As work is completed, the integration with Dexter + Chaney allows data to be entered into Spectrum for real-time job costing and complete financial reporting.

The second new partnership is with Grand Rapids, Mich.–based Nelco, which will allow Spectrum users to significantly streamline and simplify their year-end employee payroll reporting practices.

Rather than ordering forms and envelopes, printing W-2 filings, stuffing envelopes, and buying postage, Spectrum users can export their W-2 data directly to Nelco’s powerful Web Reporting Center solution for complete federal, state and recipient reporting and processing. The Web Reporting Center is a secure, web-based program that launches directly from Spectrum. With just a few clicks, Spectrum users can export their employee data to Nelco to start the e-filing process.

With Nelco, Spectrum users have access to hundreds of templated W-2 and other wage reporting forms. They can also choose from a number of services including printing, envelope selection and stuffing options. Nelco will also handle the mailing of W-2s.

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