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Terex Bid-Well 2418 workbridge features telescoping end segments to quickly adapt to a variety of paving widths

The 2418 workbridge can be manually advanced, so finishing operations can keep pace with the paver.
The 2418 workbridge can be manually advanced, so finishing operations can keep pace with the paver.

The flexible Terex Bid-Well 2418 workbridge allows finishers to complete work on a wide range of concrete paving applications including bridges, roads, canals, side slopes, dams, airports and slabs. Capable of being installed to either or both sides of the machine, telescoping end segments offer up to 10 feet (3.0 m) of leg travel – from 15 feet (4.6 m) retracted to 25 feet (7.6 m) extended – so the machine’s width quickly adapts to project paving widths and provides on-the-fly paving width adjustments.

The 2418 workbridge boasts a unique frame design that allows the machine to fit in between barrier wall steel on bridge decks. This positions workers closer to the concrete surface to boost efficiency of hand finishing and spray-curing slabs. Competitive workbridge designs cannot be placed within the barrier walls, forcing workers to finish the slab from above the vertical steel, much further away from the slab than with the Terex Bid-Well machine.

Built with a 24-in-wide (61.0-cm) walkway and 18-in-deep (45.7-cm) truss frame, the 2418 workbridge enables crew members to cross freshly laid concrete surfaces and efficiently perform required finishing tasks behind the paver at widths reaching 105 feet (32 m). Available 3-, 6- and 12-foot (0.9-, 1.8- and 3.7-m) truss inserts offer excellent flexibility for meeting a variety of operating widths. All-welded construction delivers a stable frame at extended widths, and its snap-together design eliminates dozens of nut-and-bolt connections found on competitive units. Interlocking bottom truss castings with pin-type top sections deliver fast assembly at the jobsite.

The versatile 2418 workbridge offers different wheel options to meet a variety of paving applications. Concave wheels are available for riding screed pipe on bridge projects, while pneumatic tires are available for finishing slab-on-grade paving jobs. Optional barrier brackets are available so the lightweight workbridge can ride on the rail attached to barriers. 

Whether used for bridgework or roadwork, the 2418 workbridge can be manually advanced, so finishing operations can keep pace with the paver. An optional 7-hp (5.2-kW) power drive unit is available to give the operator simple switch-control of forward and reverse machine movement, a cost-efficient way to reduce labour requirements.

With its low, 12-pound-per-linear-foot (17.9-kg/m) weight, the standard-duty 2418 is the smallest workbridge in the Terex Bid-Well line. It is the perfect complement to the Terex Bid-Well 2450 and 3600 pavers for bridge projects or the Terex Bid-Well 5000 and 6500 pavers for roadway, highway and airport paving. 

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