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Topcon introduces new 3D dozer machine control

 3D-MCMAX machine control system.
3D-MCMAX machine control system.

Topcon Positioning Group has announced the release of a new 3D dozer machine control system – 3D-MCMAX. The system is driven by dual IMUs (Inertial Measurement Unit) designed to increase on-grade performance where speed and blade response is maximized while eliminating the need for a mast on the blade.

“The 3D-MCMAX is the next generation of dozer grading solutions that redefines the concept of machine control,” said Jamie Williamson, executive vice president and general manager of the Topcon Precision Automation Group. “It provides high-accuracy elevation, slope and blade rotation sensing in an integrated configuration resulting in maximum speed, maximum control and maximum grading performance.”

The system is designed to let operators work confidently in rough or fine grade applications, slope conditions and in restricted sight environments without the visual obstruction of masts or risks to hanging cables.

“This advanced system is a result of our clear understanding of how technology is driving the evolution of the construction world, and focusing our improvements on smart algorithms in our firmware and software to increase the productivity of the hardware – a full systems approach,” said Williamson. “The added bonus is a clean integration onto the equipment. Gone is the need for daily installation and removal of antenna, cables, and mast. With 3D-MCMAX, the operator just climbs on and gets to work – downtime is minimized.”

The system uses time-proven Topcon 3D-MC2 technology with the dual IMU sensors and new, unique algorithms to deliver an integrated solution that locates the sensitive GNSS technology safely inside the cab instead of out on the harsh environment of the blade.

3D-MCMAX is currently available for Caterpillar dozers.

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