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Bobcat MT85 mini track loader has increased rated operating capacity

MT85 mini track loader allow you to travel over established surfaces.
MT85 mini track loader allow you to travel over established surfaces.

Bobcat Company introduces the all-new MT85 mini track loader, expanding its compact equipment lineup. The Bobcat MT85 boasts more power, increased lifting capabilities, additional stability and durable components to help operators efficiently complete everyday or challenging tasks in limited-space jobsites.

Bobcat MT85 mini track loaders are designed for professionals in landscaping and rental, followed by construction, buildings and grounds, and agriculture applications. These individuals will benefit from the new mini track loader and its attachment versatility.

Stronger lifting, pushing capabilities

The MT85 has a 35 percent higher rated operating capacity than prior mini track loader iterations – rated at 850 pounds – to lift, carry and dump materials. For additional productivity, MT85 operators can lift materials higher with an increase of 12 percent in lift height. For hard digging conditions, the lift arm breakout force has been increased by 29 percent from the smaller MT55 mini track loader.

Operators can accomplish more than previous iterations of Bobcat mini track loaders, thanks to an efficient hydraulic system that produces fast cycle times, impressive tractive effort, strong hydraulic breakout force, and exceptional pushing and digging abilities.

Durable components

Bobcat engineers designed the new MT85 based on the similar mini track loaders that have been popular machines for more than a decade. Input from Bobcat mini track loader customers led the company to design a machine that is taller, with greater ground clearance and an additional 6 inches of track length on the ground for added stability.

New dual joystick controls, foot pedal

A change from prior Bobcat mini track loaders, the new MT85 is designed with dual ISO joystick controls. The loader’s drive function is controlled by the left-hand joystick. The right-hand joystick controls the loader’s lift and tilt functions. Gauges and dials on the loader’s dash panel remain unchanged from the MT55.

A new operator presence / safety pedal regulates the auxiliary hydraulic flow for use with approved attachments. The pedal must be engaged when the operator is using an attachment with detent hydraulic flow, such as trenching, snowblowing, digging holes with an auger or pushing / sweeping material with an angle broom.

Ride-on platform

A standard ride-on platform gives operators better visibility to the front-mounted attachment, such as the loader bucket’s cutting edges, and the work area to help them be more productive. The platform for the MT85 was designed to help operators easily access the mini track loader controls, especially for taller operators, thereby reducing operator fatigue.

Another performance benefit of the new ride-on platform is a higher forward travel speed of 4 mph – an increase of 23 percent – and 2.3 mph when operating in reverse. Increased travel speed is particularly useful in lift-and-carry applications where the operator needs to move bulk materials from point A to point B.

Common attachment interface

A new option for the MT85 mini track loader is the common industry interface (CII). The CII will allow customers who are accustomed to this pin-on design to retain the familiarity of their chosen interface and have it matched to a Bobcat mini track loader. New Bobcat attachments introduced with the CII interface include:

  • Auger
  • Buckets: 36 or 44 inches
  • Hydraulic breaker
  • Pallet fork
  • Trencher

The Bob-Tach attachment mounting system will still be available for the MT85, if customers prefer. One of the benefits of the Bob-Tach system is the ability to swap attachments from the MT85 to other approved carriers such as the Bobcat S70 skid-steer loader. There are more than 20 approved Bobcat attachments for use with mini track loaders with the Bob-Tach attachment mounting system.

Built for confined jobsites

The Bobcat MT85 mini track loader can turn within its tracks, with minimal turf damage, to complete projects where larger machines can’t fit. Owners can choose between two widths – 36 inches with narrow tracks or 44 inches with wide tracks – to best match their application. Its compact size, which is ideal for travelling through fence gates, backyard projects or other tight areas, makes the MT85 a smart choice to replace tasks previously done with manual labour and hand tools.

The MT85 helps you complete tasks faster.
The MT85 deliver fast cycle times and strength for lifting and carrying big loads.
Ride-On/Walk-Behind Convenience.

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