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Eaton and Cummins expand SmartAdvantage powertrain offerings

The ISX15 SmartAdvantage Powertrain.
The ISX15 SmartAdvantage Powertrain.

Power management company Eaton in collaboration with Cummins have expanded their lineup of integrated ISX15 SmartAdvantage Powertrains to provide customers with additional choices tailored to their unique application and operations. A new SmartAdvantage direct drive ratio is now available, and new engine ratings for the small-step overdrive ratios are being announced.

The new SmartAdvantage direct drive ratio is available in Cummins ISX15 400 hp and 450 hp ratings with 1,550/1,750 ft.-lbs. torque-rating, ensuring optimal performance at lower rpm when combined with a 2.26 or 2.28 axle ratio. This package is the ideal solution for line haul or regional haul applications that operate in flat and hilly road terrains at cruise speeds in the 50 to 62 mph range.

Launched in 2013, the SmartAdvantage powertrain with small-step technology is now available with new 400 hp and 420 hp ratings that provide customers with additional options beyond the original 450 hp rating. Small-step technology provides the benefits of a direct drive and an overdrive transmission configuration and is ideal where cruising speeds exceed 62 mph or where vehicles spend a high percentage of time (75 percent or more) at a set cruise speed.

The new SmartAdvantage Powertrain options continue to leverage the diesel engine’s torque and efficiency with technology that enables downspeeding. Downspeeding refers to engine operation at a lower rpm while cruising at a certain speed for fuel savings. Today’s line haul and regional haul fleets are spec’ing downsped powertrains to maximize fuel efficiency, and the SmartAdvantage Powertrain offers downspeeding in both small-step overdrive and now direct drive transmission ratios, allowing fleets to choose the best ratio for their application, cruise speed and terrain.

The Eaton Fuller Advantage Series 10 Speed transmissions feature a 26 percent step between 9th and 10th gears to maximize downspeeding in the small-step overdrive model by keeping the engine in its “sweet spot” for maximum fuel economy. Fuller Advantage transmissions address friction losses every 100 rpm of engine downspeeding, bolster fuel efficiency by approximately one percent, and provide customers with increased cost savings.

“The Eaton and Cummins SmartAdvantage Powertrain continue to demonstrate our unparalleled collaboration,” said Ryan Trzybinski, product strategy manager, Commercial Powertrain, Eaton. “We’re building on that success now with these new additions to our lineup of products that give our customers improved fuel economy, performance and driver satisfaction.”

“We understand our customers operate in diverse conditions and that they ask for choice,” said Mike Taylor, general manager, Global Powertrain, Cummins. “We’re pleased to support our customers by providing an optimal SmartAdvantage Powertrain option within a single provider of solutions across their diverse fleets. The SmartAdvantage Powertrains are redefining efficiency and are available in the most fuel-efficient trucks from the OEM of your choice.”

Features of the Eaton Fuller Advantage automated transmission include the strategic use of lightweight components and precision lubrication, which reduces churning losses and eliminates the need for a cooler. These factors reduce weight, increase reliability and improve fuel efficiency. Optimized shifting is based on grade, vehicle weight, engine torque and throttle position.

Cummins pioneered the 15L engine and power rating optimization for linehaul applications. The 2015 ISX15 incorporates several product enhancements, including low-end torque available at 1,000 rpms and ADEPT, a suite of electronic control features that optimize driver performance and asset protection. Features such as SmartTorque2, Vehicle Acceleration Management (VAM), PowerTrain Protection and SmartCoast are the result of innovation that is focused on customer needs.

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