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MB Crusher Makes Its Mark on the Recycling Revolution

MB Crusher Makes Its Mark on the Recycling Revolution

The ongoing renewal of the real estate market and, most importantly, the renovation of numerous decommissioned industrial areas highlight the problem of handling construction and demolition waste. This problem not only arises during the waste material disposal process, it often begins at the construction site, given the need to reduce materials to a size that would facilitate delivery to the landfill or allow them to be reused immediately as a filling material and for foundations. While the more traditional solution ensures high productivity, it poses a series of complex problems related to all the necessary authorizations that must be obtained.

The first product of its kind to appear on the market, the MB bucket crusher is a device that operates by taking advantage of the hydraulic system of the machine it is installed on. In other words, this is truly revolutionary technology: it all begins with the application of a bucket crusher that can crush the aggregates directly on site and on the truck body, minimizing the need for refuelling and transport and providing an effective solution to problems such as the construction of road foundations or the storage of materials that are difficult to recycle on site.

The MB bucket crusher makes the recycling of inert materials simple. With a wide array of related advantages. First it works like a bucket: collecting, lifting, transporting and discharging bulk material. The material can subsequently be reduced into tiny pieces, with an opening of the width that can be adjusted to suit requirements. On the one hand, the bucket can collect demolition debris, and on the other hand, it can create reusable material for other interventions.

With the MB bucket crusher, even small contractors can treat waste materials at the job site and obtain the material it needs for the next phase of work. What’s more, the Vicenza-based company has developed an iron removal system applied to the bucket, which allows any ferrous material to be recovered, thereby obtaining an additional benefit. This also has a highly positive impact on the environment, since the material is recycled on site, without creating pollutants from vehicles making trips to the landfill. Instead of eliminating resources, even the most insignificant resources can be reused.

The MB crusher bucket is therefore a sensible choice that results in significant savings while remaining "closer" to the environment. In fact, with a single machine it is possible to save on manpower (with just one excavator operator), on the consumption of fuel used to power the mobile crusher and on maintenance, which is extremely simple and fast. That’s not to mention the ecological 'cleaning' of the processes, which are carried out while creating minimal dust and noise for a low environmental impact.

Today, MB offers the widest range of crusher buckets, from the smallest, like the MB-C50 (for mini excavators) the MB-L – that can be mounted on wheel loaders, skid steer loaders and backhoe loaders, to the largest, the BF150.10, suitable for excavators from 70 tons. Furthermore, MB offers 5 models of screening buckets and 4 grapple rotary movement models.

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