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Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas Introduces Tier 4 Final 9A Series Compact Excavators to North America

The Hyundai R35Z-9A compact excavator, shown here, is one of six new models Tier 4 Final-compliant recently available in North America.
The Hyundai R35Z-9A compact excavator, shown here, is one of six new models Tier 4 Final-compliant recently available in North America.

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas recently began delivering its new 9A series of Tier 4 Final-compliant compact excavators throughout the United States and Canada. These machines range from 1.7 to 8.2 metric tons, and include the mini R17Z-9A, R25Z-9A, R35Z-9A, R55-9A and R60CR-9A models and the midi R80CR-9A model.

“The new Hyundai 9A series compact excavators are all about bringing big power to small spaces. Each model features an environmentally friendly engine that provides impressive performance and reduced fuel consumption,” said Corey Rogers, marketing manager, Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas. “Our customers in the building, landscaping, road and bridge, site prep and underground markets in particular will appreciate the hefty power, durability and reliability of these compact machines, along with their ability to work productively in confined spaces.”

The new Hyundai 9A series models R17Z-9A and R25Z-9A are powered by Kubota engines, and the R35Z-9A, R55-9A, R60CR-9A and R80CR-9A are powered by Yanmar engines. Both the Kubota and Yanmar engines provide efficient fuel combustion and reduced noise. The product line gives contractors a choice of models in each of six popular weight classes: 1.7, 2.5, 3.5, 5.5, 6.0 and 8.2 metric tons.

“Innovative hydraulic system technologies make the 9A series compact excavators fast, smooth and easy to control,” Rogers said. To achieve optimum precision on the R55-9A, R60CR-9A and R80CR-9A models, Hyundai redesigned the hydraulic system to provide the operator with super-fine touch and improved controllability. An arm flow summation system provides energy savings, reduced cavitation and increased speed.

The boom swing function on the 9A series compact excavators is designed for efficient work in congested areas. The boom can be offset left or right. Zero-tail swing on the Hyundai R17Z-9A, R25Z-9A and R35Z-9A allows operators to work near buildings, in single lanes on roadways or in other confined settings. The variable undercarriage on the R17Z-9A – which can be adjusted to between 3 ft. 3 in. and 4 ft.3 in. (990 mm and 1,300 mm) wide – allows the most compact machine in the line to work in even the tightest limited-space work environments.

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