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AMI Attachments Graptor – Integrated Thumb Bucket

AMI Attachments Graptor – Integrated Thumb Bucket

The AMI Attachments Graptor is the only integrated thumb bucket powered by a helical actuator, producing over 38,000 foot-pounds of torque at 3,000 psi. Holding strength like this maintains constant grip on the load throughout the bucket’s entire rotation.

This makes the Graptor perfect for handling large, heavy objects or grabbing bucketfuls of debris. Starting with AMI’s heavy-duty digging bucket made with AR400 steel, aggressive serrated sidebars are added (or choose optional bolt-on side cutters). The Graptor is available for most sizes of excavator. 

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1270 Geddes Street
Hawkesville, ON
CA, N0B 1X0


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