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Revolutionary Concrete Mixer

Cifa Is Red Again: Coguaro Awarded With the Prestigious Red Dot

Revolutionary Concrete Mixer

On the desks, computer keyboards are buried under black and white and colour sketches. Others, hanging in order on the walls, are constantly looked at in search for new ideas, while on always turned on monitors 3D models are displayed. This time we are in the fascinating dimension of the Styling Centre of Cifa in Senago, where design of Coguaro took shape, the new and gutsy mixer for transporting concrete in demanding environments.

After a year from assignment of the Red Dot Award (world level award for Product Design) to the Energy a truck mixer, a few days ago the 2015 award was assigned to this “feline with 4…wheels”. “The jury, explains Samuele Montorfano, responsible for the Styling Centre Team, awarded the experience proved by Cifa in managing the planning and design parts, and in caring for product details”.

The R&D, for conception of the aesthetic part, imposed precise bonds because many elements such as chassis, engine, cabin, drum and rear castle had already been defined, as well as the vehicle maximum dimensions. “For us, Montorfano specifies, coming from the world of design with a purely aesthetic point of view, working in team with the R&D dept., that well knows the components of Coguaro, was useful to find the right solutions, reaching an aesthetical-functional compromise, a mix of technology and design”.

Having free rein for casings, the Styling Centre sketched the first guidelines in Fall 2013, first with basic sketches defining the project feel, then with more detailed drafts, and later surface and parametric 3D models. Showing us Coguaro’s aesthetics, Montorfano lingers first of all on the front taper and on cuts on the two sides, the only modifications to the chassis that, without compromising solidity of the structure, created movement on otherwise monotonous and flat zones.

On the two sides compartments were located to contain accessories and protection devices, and in the rear lower part, stabilization wedges. The “face” of Coguaro has two cut off angles useful in narrow spaces, lights that get thinner, the big front grille, with Cifa emblem, that allows radiator to have a proper heat exchange especially in areas with very low air reuse, and casing is divided into modules that, produced and easily assembled, also allow a convenient access from the top and from the side to the engine and the tanks.

In the supporting structure of the cabin, around the door-panel a casing was created, the profile above the wheels was reviewed creating segmented lines, and the drum, in the rear castle and in the cabin rear zone, taking the cue from Energya, has encircling geometries that seem to “protect it” while it’s active. “Lines sloping towards the front mark out Coguaro, Montorfano specifies, creating dynamism and a dash, typical of felines, while the horizontal ones give a sense of stability and safety just like in automobiles”. Alternation of the colours chosen, those institutional for Cifa, distinguish various functions of the vehicle: light gray for the chassis (structural part), orange for casings and dark gray for the drum (rotating body).

Gutsier than ever, in July Coguaro will receive the award in Hessen, Germany, where the ceremony will be held to celebrate winners of the Red Dot Award. Two consecutive “red dots” are a real flagship for the Milan company.

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