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Increased Automation for Tier 4 JCB Backhoes

Increased Automation for Tier 4 JCB Backhoes

Global backhoe loader market leader JCB has once again moved the market forward with the introduction of Tier 4 Final engines and a high degree of machine automation for its 2015 model line-up. Through development of its own award-winning range of Ecomax diesel engines, JCB has achieved the Tier 4F emissions standard without the need for a bulky Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), reducing cost and complexity for the customer.

Both the rental-market 3CX, now built in the USA at JCB’s Savannah plant, and the popular 3CX-14 model are powered by a 74 hp version of the JCB Ecomax diesel engine. With no change required from the T4i model, this engine has no DPF or exhaust after-treatment, cutting maintenance costs.

For the first time the 3CX-14 is to be offered with the option of a powershift transmission and JCB’s Advanced Easy Control (AEC) servo levers. Customers can also specify an air suspended operator’s seat as an option, though this is standard with AEC.

The 3CX Super is offered with a T4F Ecomax engine rated at 91 hp or an optional 109 hp engine, while the range-topping 4CX Super comes standard with the 109 hp engine. Both of these highly-efficient motors use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), with a Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) additive to meet the Tier 4 Final emissions standards, reducing harmful oxides of nitrogen (NOx) by an incredible 90%.

The SCR unit looks similar to a standard exhaust and the DEF is stored in a separate 5 gallon tank on the opposite side of the machine to the diesel tank, to prevent contamination. DEF is injected into the exhaust stream before the SCR catalyst.

As the DEF reacts with the exhaust gases it is converted into ammonia and water, with the ammonia entering the catalyst and reacting with NOx molecules to form harmless nitrogen and water. DEF usage is less than 3% compared to the diesel, so the DEF tank will only have to be topped off once for up to 10 tanks of fuel, minimizing downtime. The Tier 4F engines can also use the same 15W40 API CJ-4 engine oil as the previous models, while the engines now come with a yellow engine oil filler cap, a more powerful 150A alternator and a relocated water/fuel separator.

The 3CX Super model benefits from standard front impact protection bumper bars, reducing damage to trucks and protecting the machine’s hood, front grille and counterweight when loading. Both the 3CX Super and 4CX Super models also come with a standard 11,000 lb lifting eye on the backhoe. Integral to the tipping link and for maximum strength, the lifting eye offers excellent lift capacity.

Automation Boosts Productivity

The real benefits for 2015 backhoe customers come with the addition of automation features that now come as standard on all 3CX Super and 4CX Super backhoes. A total of eight Automation features include the Auto Smoothride System (SRS) which is now a set and forget system that once activated, requires no further operator input. Activation and deactivation of the loader arm suspension system is automatically controlled at a pre-set speed, providing the operator with improved ride comfort and load retention, boosting productivity and reducing operator fatigue.

Auto Boomlock is standard on servo models, automatically locking the backhoe in any slew position, without the need for any cable release mechanism. The boom is automatically unlocked with servo activation. Auto Up stabilizers also come with the servo models, providing one-touch levers to raise the stabilizer legs. Engine rpm automatically rises during activation to further cycle times up or down.

Additional systems include auto return to idle, auto drive, auto throttle, automatic daily checks and automatic engine and cab pre-heat.

JCB Chief Innovation and Growth Officer Tim Burnhope said: “All eight Automation functions have been designed to reduce operator fatigue, minimize downtime and boost machine productivity, putting clear space between the market-leading JCB backhoe loader range and competitive brands.”.

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