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Trimble’s New Construction Logistics Mobile App Provides Real-Time, Visual Data to Improve Operations

Trimble’s New Construction Logistics Mobile App Provides Real-Time, Visual Data to Improve Operations

Trimble has introduced Trimble TrimView Direct, a mobile application that leverages existing real-time data collected by Trimble’s TrimFleet Suite for the ready mix concrete industry. Known for delivering technologies that improve day-to-day operations for construction materials organizations, Trimble has teamed with development partner, BCMI, to expand on how that data is viewed and used by top-level management.

The announcement was made at the World of Concrete.

By leveraging mobile technology, organizations have access to instantaneous information so managers no longer need to wait for paper reports in order to understand the current state of their business. Using TrimView Direct, ready mix producers and management across the organization have real-time access to critical data that impact their daily business decisions. The app collects information from existing systems and integrates it in a Web-based environment to deliver an accurate view of the company’s strengths, customer trends and opportunities for improvement on a mobile platform.

The app, available on iOS and Android devices, provides a dashboard of real-time data, including order status, ticket details, order timelines, fleet analytics and performance, vehicle location, trip status, signal health, driver hours and performance. The data can be filtered and viewed using maps, graphs, charts and timelines for a visual representation of critical information.

TrimView Direct is organized in modes: delivery, fleet and driver. Navigating using scrolling menus and toggle screens, users can tap or swipe the page to instantly find and record data.

For example, managers use the fleet dashboard to see average cycle miles, current fleet usage, average costs, signal health and delivery performance for a fleet, plant, truck or group of trucks. Sales and account managers who are on a customer site can reference data in the field, including order status, performance, timeline and ticket information.

“Our work with BCMI empowers today’s mobile worker,” said Glenn Bramer, director of marketing for Trimble Construction Logistics. “As we continue to develop solutions that transform the way work is done, we must look at how we can extend valuable information beyond desktop users and enable management to make smarter decisions anytime, anywhere. TrimView Direct is a bold step in this direction.”

“Coupling Trimble’s expertise in collecting real-time data for improved productivity with our movement to modernize the tools and processes for ready mix operations, we have enabled the entire concrete production chain, both human and machine, to interact with actionable, real-time information,” said Bernie Benson, co-founder of BCMI.


TrimView Direct is expected to be available in March 2015 for concrete operations directly through Trimble’s Construction Logistics sales organization. For more information about TrimView Direct, visit: www.trimble.com/tcl/trimview-direct.

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