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IMT Tirehand Tire Manipulators Featured On New Hyster Tire Handler Trucks

IMT Tirehand Tire Manipulators Featured On New Hyster Tire Handler Trucks

Iowa Mold Tooling Co. Inc. (IMT), has announce that IMT TireHand tire manipulators are featured on a new series of heavy-duty Hyster Company tire handling trucks. The new Hyster tire handlers with IMT TireHand attachments offer “total tire handling solutions” that help maximize equipment uptime, and promote operational safety in the mining, ports and intermodal industries.

The versatile new line of Hyster tire handlers includes 14 models with IMT TireHand tire manipulators. Eight IMT TireHand-equipped units are integral configurations ranging from 5,000 to 36,000 pounds of capacity for dedicated tire handling. The other six have hang-on quick connect IMT TireHand attachments for flexible transition between tire handling and forklift modes. Featuring a full range of tire handling capacities from 5,000 to 36,000 pounds, the new Hyster dual-function trucks with IMT TireHand tire manipulators can be reconfigured within an hour.

IMT has collaborated on the new tire handling solutions with Hyster Company. The collaboration combines the industry-leading strengths of IMT TireHand tire manipulators and Hyster lift trucks into one vehicle package. This IMT and Hyster combination provides customers with efficient tire handling performance, lower total cost of ownership, easier on-site installation and assembly, and excellent all-around visibility.

“Maximizing equipment uptime is critical to customer success in the mining industry and other demanding applications,” said John Field, product manager of material handling at IMT. “Hyster units optimized with IMT TireHand tire manipulators will provide customers faster and more cost-effective service of heavy-duty tires, increasing productivity and profitability. With our hang-on quick connect TireHand attachments, Hyster dual-function trucks can reduce the number of specialized service vehicles needed in a fleet and lower operating costs.”

IMT TireHand tire manipulators are designed to maximize productivity and improve operator safety. Key features include:

  • Hydraulically controlled fallback protection: IMT TireHand tire manipulators offer integrated fallback protection arms for easy operation and operator safety.
  • Optimized pad design: Featuring an optimized grip pattern and tapering on the pad, IMT TireHand tire manipulators maintain their grip on the tire without damage and handle rim flange hardware with ease.
  • Longer arm length: Longer arms allow IMT TireHand models to reach the back flange on wheels.
  • Minimized arm profile: IMT TireHand arms are narrower to minimize interference with chassis components during tire handling operations.
  • Dual pinion pad rotation: The pad rotation on IMT TireHand models utilizes two motors and two pinions, reducing pinion stress and extending pinion life.

Featuring a “plug-and-play” system, Hyster tire handlers with IMT TireHand tire manipulators can be simply installed and assembled on-site. They offer efficient body and pad rotation for proper positioning of tires and wheel assemblies. Optimized flow settings with fully calibrated hydraulics provide greater handling performance. Hyster trucks with IMT TireHand attachments are designed for all-around visibility of tire grab pads, fallback arms and wheel assemblies while providing enhanced rearward visibility. A two-stage mast offers exceptional visibility of the tire handling application.

At rated capacities, the new Hyster tire handler trucks with IMT TireHand tire manipulators are sized to provide tire handling solutions while consuming less fuel. This results in lower acquisition costs and lower long-term operating costs.

“With their performance and flexibility, IMT TireHand tire manipulators are a perfect complement to dependable Hyster lift trucks,” Field said. “We’re proud to collaborate with Hyster Company to offer customers one of the industry’s most optimized tire handling solutions.”