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Indeco North America Introduces 18-Inch, Boom-Mounted Compactor

Ideal For Tight Trenching Operation

Indeco North America Introduces 18-Inch, Boom-Mounted Compactor

In response to customer demands for a heavy-duty, 18-inch wide compactor that can easily accommodate tight trench work, Indeco North America, has introduced its IHC-70 boom-mounted compactor product.

Specifically designed and built to accommodate a wide variety of tractor loader backhoes as well as 7- and 8-ton excavators for trench-digging and back-filling applications, the new Indeco IHC-70 Series meets the demands of construction professionals for greater jobsite productivity through increased carrier flexibility, It combines powerful trench compaction technology with optimized vibratory force and speed to deliver superior performance and tighter material moving with drastically reduced air voids. It also dramatically reduces fuel and operating costs as well as the need for additional, costly equipment by utilizing the carriers’ hydraulic system.

“Reduced size…attractive pricing…optimized force…and broad carrier compatibility – those were the design principles that guided our development of this next generation compactor solution,” said Mike Fischer, president and chief executive officer of Indeco North America. “By taking the same amount of force, and spreading over a smaller baseplate, we have actually increased the overall compaction force as measured per square inch. The IHC-70 is a good solution for pipe trenches, foundations and other confined areas where available real estate is at a premium.”

“Extracting the full potential of existing assets is becoming an increased priority for today’s contractor,” added Indeco North America marketing director, Ryan Murphy. “Given the current economic climate within the construction industry and the growing popularity of 7- and 8-ton excavators, the IHC-70 represents a highly cost-effective and forward-looking solution to optimizing compaction performance and uptime.”

The latest addition to Indeco’s performance-proven, industry-recognized IHC compactor brand, the new IHC-70 features a narrow 18" x 33" baseplate that enables the operator to safely access very restricted spaces including a wide variety of trench, slope, foundation and pile driving environments for aggregate and soil compaction. It incorporates oil-bath lubrication of eccentric bearings to ensure long-term protection against wear as well as a technically-advanced shock isolation system that directs 99% of vibration forces downward into the material being compacted as opposed to the operator cabin. The IHC-70 also comes standard with Indeco’s thick steel baseplate to prevent flexing and distortion as well as a unique “3-in-1” valve that controls flow and maximum operating pressure, optimizes compactor performance and protects the compactor motor from damage.

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