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Telematics System Provides Real-Time, Worldwide Surveillance of Wacker Neuson Machinery

Telematics System Provides Real-Time, Worldwide Surveillance of Wacker Neuson Machinery

The satellite-based GPS locating and surveillance system from Wacker Neuson Telematic not only tracks the operating time of a construction machine, but provides equipment owners with information on movements, GPS location and operating condition – allowing surveillance of construction machines in real-time, 24 hours per day and worldwide. Wacker Neuson Telematic has also improved anti-theft protection, helping to recover the construction machine after a theft.

This tool is now available for all machines from Wacker Neuson, including wheel loaders, excavators and dumpers.

The telematics system optimizes the usage plan, reduces downtime and reminds the operator of regular maintenance for each machine.

Receiving important information anytime is the fastest connection between the construction machine in the field and its owner. Information on current location, operating times and more can be accessed at any time from a computer or smartphone thanks to GPS positioning. To schedule maintenance times more easily, Wacker Neuson Telematic will automatically remind owners by e-mail or text message when the next service is due.

Geofence, an especially simple and easy-to-use function, notifies owners immediately of any unauthorized usage of their construction machines. Geofence works like a virtual fence that restricts equipment to a specific area, thanks to GPS positioning. The system then alerts the owner as soon as the construction machine leaves the area.

According to Wacker Neuson, the biggest benefit of telematics technology is increased productivity and therefore profitability. Other advantages include increased resale value because the machine's history can be rapidly accessed, and longer service life due to improved monitoring.

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