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High-Performance Rubber-Track Technology for Mini Excavators

High-Performance Rubber-Track Technology for Mini Excavators

Addressing the technology gap between rubber tracks available for compact track loaders and those available for mini excavators, McLaren Industries now offers high-performance NextGen TDF series rubber tracks for mini excavators. This product release represents the first of its kind to offer increased track strength and durability for mini excavators, the company says.

Unlike competitive jointless cable tracks, the SpoolRite belting technology used in the NextGen TDF series is a proprietary system that radically increases the tensile strength of the tracks’ internal structure. It is a pre-stressed, aligned, non-overlapping continuous belting system, which guarantees equal tension throughout the track belts. This reduces the chance of link ejection and structural damage of the track, and it significantly improves the track strength.

McLaren’s NextGen TDF tracks also feature a Crack and Cut Quarantine System (CCQS), a series of narrowly spaced lug bars that contain the growth of any accidental cut or crack. By preventing the spread of the surface damage, CCQS provides a noticeably longer service life.

Other standard features include: four-step, metal-to-rubber bonding; proprietary rubber compound formulation; rubber-coated wear-resistant guiding system; continuous rubber roller pathway; and double-offset tread pattern.

“When a mini excavator has to do a hard job, track durability is one of the most critical factors for the undercarriage,” said George Zafirov, marketing manager for McLaren Industries. “Our NextGen TDF series rubber tracks for mini excavators set a new industry standard for longer track life, maximized return on investment, better ride and performance on harsh terrain.”

NextGen TDF excavator tracks are available for numerous makes and models of mini-excavators in sizes of 300x52.5 and 400x73.

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