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CAT Introduces 824K Wheeled Dozer

CAT 824K Wheel Dozer
CAT 824K Wheel Dozer

The new Cat 824K Wheel Dozer builds on the solid performance of predecessor models with engineering refinements in its power train, operator station and structures, and in features that enhance safety, serviceability and machine management. With a net power rating of 405 horsepower (302 kW) and a maximum operating weight of 74,966 pounds (34 004 kg), the 824K is available with six blade configurations ranging in capacity from 6.6 to 21.1 yd3 (5.0 to 16.2 m3) to customize it for production dozing, stockpile dozing or cleanup work.

The Cat C15 ACERT™ engine features an electronically controlled fuel delivery system, an engine idle shutdown system to conserve fuel by limiting idling time, and a delayed shutdown feature to ensure that the engine is not stopped until operating temperatures have stabilized. Drive train efficiency, fuel economy, and travel speeds are further enhanced with the lock-up clutch in the Cat torque converter, a feature that reduces both drive train power losses and system heat. Two engine options are available that meet either U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV emission standards or U.S. EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA equivalent emission standards.

For further drive train efficiency, the smooth-shifting, electronically controlled, 4F/4R Cat power shift transmission can be set by the operator to automatically upshift or downshift based on machine speed. In addition, the Single Clutch Speed Shifting controls allow the 824K to carry momentum through range shifts for high productivity and fuel savings.

Both operating efficiency and operator convenience get a boost with the left foot pedal, which serves as an engine decelerator, transmission neutralizer and brake, depending on the degree of application. As a decelerator, the left pedal allows the operator to temporarily reduce engine speed by overriding the throttle lock setting when maneuvering around obstacles. Additionally, a new fuel tank provides minimum 12 hours operation, depending on the application. An optional tire pressure monitoring system provides real time information to the operator in the cab, ensuring proper inflation and optimizing tire life.

The STIC™ (Steering and Transmission Integrated Control) system allows single-lever steering and transmission control. Simple side-to-side movements of the STIC lever provide up to 43 degrees of steering articulation in both directions for precise maneuverability, and buttons on the lever provide fingertip control of directional and range shifting.

The 824K design integrates massive, purpose-built structures and heavy-duty components that can support multiple rebuilds. The new dozer features a full box-section rear frame designed to resist twisting forces and shock encountered in heavy dozing. Steering cylinder mounts are designed to effectively dissipate steering loads into the frame, and axle mounts are heavy duty components that contribute to the overall structural integrity. This robust design results in significant cost savings and sustained optimum performance over the life cycle of the 824K.

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Peoria, IL
US, 61629


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