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Electric-powered golf cars offered with solar power

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, by Jonathan Welsh, it is revealed that E-Z-Go, a maker of electric-powered golf cars, has announced it will begin offering solar panel technology called PowerFilm on certain personal and fleet models as a way to extend their range and battery life while cutting the cost of charging batteries.  

E-Z-Go says PowerFilm solar panels are light, thin and flexible so they are easy to install on the roof or canopy of a golf car. The company is a unit of Green Industry manufacturing giant, Textron, and says the panels can reduce the cost of charging and maintaining the electric vehicles by as much as 20 percent annually compared with the cost of charging without the solar aid.  

According to Welsh's article, "the coming availability of PowerFilm suggests solar technology may no longer be prohibitively expensive and complicated for consumer installation and use."  

PowerFilm panels for golf cars weigh less than seven pounds, are rugged and easy to maintain, and they can be added without special tools or changes to the vehicle.   Visit www.ezgo.com.

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