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New Vögele i-Series is Next Generation of Vision Pavers

New Vögele i-Series is Next Generation of Vision Pavers

The new 10-ft. Vögele Vision i-Series pavers represent the next generation of Vision pavers for the 21st century.

The track Vision 5200-2i and wheel Vision 5203-2i pavers are new to Conexpo-Con/Agg 2014 and are designed especially for the requirements of the North American market. These versatile pavers are suitable for urban applications, as well as for highway, airport and commercial work.

The tracked Vision 5200-2i has a maximum paving width of 28 ft., with a maximum laydown rate of 1,300 tph, and a transport width of 10 ft., while the wheeled 5203-2i has a maximum paving width of 25 ft., 6 in., with the same maximum laydown rate of 1,300 tph, and transport width of 10 ft.

The Vision 5200-2i and 5203-2i are equipped with ErgoPlus, Vögele’s revolutionary total design concept for easy paver operation and full onboard diagnostic system for all electrical circuits. ErgoPlus simplifies the operators’ work and provides comfort, while offering owners unobstructed operator visibility of material hopper, screed and auger tunnel. These i-class Vision series pavers are extremely cool and quiet during operation.

Vögele Vision 5200-2i

The tracked Vision 5200-2i is designed primarily for use in highway construction, where it’s all about power and productivity. With a powerful 6-cylinder Cummins engine delivering 250 hp., the heavy-duty paver achieves paving speeds up to 250 fpm and travel speeds up to 7.5 mph, both infinitely variable.

The large material hopper holds 240 cu. ft. (31,400 lbs.), and is dimensioned so that plenty of mix can be available at all times. Two cylinders per side provide smooth operation. Continuous rubber tracks, 18 in. wide, with self-aligning front idlers, provide optimal steering under any conditions. Dual track tensioning cylinders provide perfect alignment.

The 5200-2i’s powerful Tier 4i Cummins engine provides excellent horsepower-to-weight ratio, and the paver benefits from highly efficient cooling for longevity of all paver components. Its advanced design provides precise material handling, and its innovative and reliable drive concept provides detailed tracking.

With its auto-engine vitals check, optional auto-lubrication, and more, the Vision 5200-2i frees its owners off many daily maintenance chores.

Vögele Vision 5203-2i 

The wheeled Vision 5203-2i paver provides the benefits of the next-generation Vision pavers in a wheeled design, with its attributes of maneuverability and speed in work zones, and high flotation on unconsolidated subgrades and loose shoulders. The 5203-2i can pave at speeds up to 250 fpm, and travel up to 12 mph, both infinitely variable.

Maximum power and torque is obtained from hydrostatic drives, and separate hydraulic drives are provided for each of the rear wheels. Two or four powered front wheels are available as options. Electronic traction management ensures optimum tractive effort and protects the engine against overload. Permanent ground contact of front wheels utilizes pivoting bogies.

Its top travel speed of 12 mph allows the paver to maneuver quickly on the job site. A number of different drive options (6 X 2, 6 X 4 and 6 X 6) are available for the Vision 5203-2i, allowing the paver to reach unsurpassed versatility in the field. The 5203-2i’s small turning radius permits easy and quick maneuvering, even in tight corners. Electronic traction management is provided.

Like the 5200-2i, its powerful EPA Tier 4i Cummins engine provides excellent horsepower-to-weight ratio, with superior technology permitting very low noise emissions, combined with highly efficient cooling to enhance longevity of all paver components. Also like the 5200-2, the Vision 5203-2i features auto-tensioning of conveyors, optional auto-lubrication, and more, freeing its owners off many daily maintenance chores.

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