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Wacker Neuson’s Pro+ power steer ride-on trowels offers true ergonomics and productivity

Wacker Neuson’s Pro+ power steer ride-on trowels offers true ergonomics and productivity

Wacker Neuson is expanding its power steer ride-on trowel line with the addition of a gasoline powered unit. The new 35-hp Vanguard powered CRT 48-35V-PS is an innovative power trowel that combines hydraulics and electronics to create a true power steer system.  The CRT 48-35V-PS and the previously introduced Kohler diesel power model, CRT 48-35L-PS (CRT-PS)  are Pro+ ride-on trowels that bridge the gap between the professional/mechanical steer and the super-pro hydraulic steer models in the industry.  While the new gasoline model provides a durable, lower cost alternative, either model is an excellent choice for large pours where the operator uses the machine for extended periods of time and on elevated deck pours where heavy weight full hydraulic machines cannot be used safely.

The CRT-PS power steer system was designed to produce the results of a hydrostatic machine matched with the responsiveness of a mechanical steer while improving operator comfort.  Using simple joystick controls, the CRT-PS handles and performs like a lighter weight finishing machine, and at the end of the day the operator sees superior finishing results with no fatigue.

Wacker Neuson engineers identified two types of operators and designed a steering mode for each type that can be easily changed with the patented two mode steering selection switch.  Steering mode1 is more comfortable for the operator who tends to use full range movement of the joysticks. In this mode the steering response is filtered to reduce the effects of exaggerated operator input. Mode 2 is designed for the operator who uses smaller, more delicate movements with the joysticks, guaranteeing a more direct joystick behavior. Wacker Neuson has provided a steering mode switch that allows operators to select the response of the joysticks to meet their preferences and best suit the concrete conditions.

Wacker Neuson’s engineers also looked at ergonomics as it is related to productivity and went out of the box to combine hydraulics with electronics. Operators can sit on this trowel all day.  Wacker Neuson consulted operators, ergonomic specialists and compact equipment designers (which use the automotive industry as the design leader) to build in the creature comforts needed to operate the CRT-PS for long periods of time.  This includes an adjustable 21-inch wide seat with plenty of legroom for all sized operators.  The arm rests are ergonomically positioned to allow the operator’s arms and shoulders to remain in a natural position for tireless operation.  The operator can sit back in the seat rest and still have excellent line of sight while working around the slab.

The 48-inch ride-on trowel is powered by a 35-hp Vanguard air-cooled gasoline engine and offers a high speed range of 25 to 175 rpms. The CRT-PS includes a proven heavy-duty variable speed clutch which provides excellent break-out torque for panning, especially in hot weather.   

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