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New DX-200 expands robotic working range, features hybrid versatility

New DX-200 expands robotic working range, features hybrid versatility

Sokkia Corporation has announced enhanced abilities and versatility to its DX series of total stations with the introduction of the DX-200 in the North American market.

“The DX-200 is ideal for the professional looking for a mid-range, auto-pointing total station that can become a full-robotic instrument with a simple firmware upgrade,” said Ray Kerwin, director of global surveying products.  “Advanced functionality such as Hybrid Positioning can be added to the robotic unit, making the DX-200 a versatile system for multiple applications.”

The DX-200 can be used with the RC-PR5 remote controller for increased Bluetooth® wireless operating range. “The remote allows for rapid prism search and lock up to 2000 feet (600 meters) away,” Kerwin said.

When configured for Hybrid Positioning, the DX-200 has the ability to use both GNSS positioning and optical positioning data simultaneously. The standard Sokkia Hybrid Robotic System includes the DX, GRX2 GNSS receiver and MESA large-screen tablet controller.

“Hybrid Positioning adds a new dimension of versatility,” Kerwin said. “When line-of-sight is blocked, for example, shots can be measured with the GNSS receiver, and the receiver can also be used for quick lock functionality.”

Standard additional features of the DX series include Direct Aiming™ auto-collimation technology, TSshield™ security and maintenance technology, MAGNET™ integrated software onboard and Sokkia’s patented RED-tech reflectorless measurement system. 
The DX-200 is available in 1, 3 and 5 arc second accuracy models.

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