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Putzmeister America, Inc. Introduces New 32Z-Meter Truck-Mounted Concrete Boom Pump

Putzmeister America, Inc. Introduces New  32Z-Meter Truck-Mounted Concrete Boom Pump

Putzmeister America, Inc. has introduced its new 32Z-Meter Truck-Mounted Concrete Boom Pump, which offers a reduced weight, streamlined design, and allows for easier servicing.

“As with all models in our next generation of pumps, the new 32Z reflects the improvements we made to its overall design and usability,” said Jim Bury, director of engineering for Putzmeister America. “We’re continually listening to customer feedback and perfecting the design of our pumps to meet today’s job site challenges and the new 32Z showcases our latest enhancements.”

With a gross vehicle weight of approximately 51,000 lbs. (23,133kg), the new pump weighs 3,250 lbs. (1,474kg) less than the previous 32Z model. The decreased weight allows for an increased payload capacity for job site equipment, water and fuel. The new model has a three-axle chassis, which allows it to meet federal bridge requirements and requires less strict permits, or even no permits, depending on local requirements.

Further improving the design, while the pedestal has remained the same size, several components that were previously located on the deck have been moved, allowing for approximately 30 percent more space. The more spacious deck provides an increase in physical space for payload and improves ease of movement during maintenance and service.

The pedestal’s sub-frame now offers bolted connections, allowing for flexibility by adjusting to torsion from the force of the pump. This increases the life of the pump, while reducing the chance for downtime. Additionally, the pedestal will now have a rotation bearing instead of a rack and pinion, which allows for easier access to the turret pipe and has helped with the machine’s overall weight reduction.

Additionally, the 32Z’s pipe layout has been improved and the parts commonality between components of the pipe system has increased. Now, only two different types of elbows—45- and 90-degree—are used, as compared with three elbows in the previous model. The turret pipe now only has one bend instead of two. The simplified pipe design results in reduced wear, so elbows need to be rotated or changed less frequently. The improved pipe layout also provides an easier concrete flow, resulting in minimized boom bounce, and thus enhancing safety.

Contributing to the pump’s enhanced usability is the new main control system, the Ergonic® Graphic Display, which features wireless computer technology and a high resolution, color screen. It allows the operator to set parameters that control the boom, pump and a variety of other functions, which helps to increase the convenience, performance and overall ease-of-use of the machine.

The 32Z also incorporates the new RS 909 Hopper, which features a more robust, yet lightweight, design and provides an increased service life. The mounting and hopper shell, and the multi-piece grate each have been improved. The new RS 909 hopper also incorporates an RFID safety switch, preventing it from operating with the grate open and using zero moving parts, while utilizing the same advanced sensor technology shown to be effective and reliable in other Putzmeister systems.

With a new hydraulic system, the 32Z has an improved filtration system, uses less oil, and has fewer parts than the previous system. It also produces cleaner oil, which improves pump functioning and reduces maintenance intervals.


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