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LB 44 Rotary Drilling Rig completes Liebherr's Range of Products for Deep Foundation Applications

LB 44 Rotary Drilling Rig completes Liebherr's Range of Products for  Deep Foundation Applications

The LB 44 rotary drilling rig is the latest development in Liebherr’s range of "deep foundation" products and expands the LB series at the upper end of the scale. Based on its many years of experience and extensive know-how, Liebherr is reacting to the need for larger, more powerful machines of this type by presenting the LB 44.

The LB 44 rotary drilling rig weighs approx. 160 tonnes and has been designed for drilling diameters of up to 3 m and drilling depths of maximum 92 m. The rig is driven by a V8 diesel engine offering 505 kW (677 hp) and complying with the exhaust certification stage 3B.

Possible applications of the LB 44 include Kelly drilling, drilling with double rotary head, continuous flight auger and full displacement tool. The powerful rope crowd system with approx. 56 t pull force allows utilisation of the entire length of the leader. This provides the operator with maximum performance and reliability even with the most difficult soils and extreme operational conditions.

High mobility at and between jobsites

Distinguishing advantages of the new rotary drilling rig are its easy transportation and the short period of time between set-up and operation. As the leader can be folded back for transportation with all hydraulic hoses connected, no disassembly is required when moving between two jobsites. Subsequently, the LB 44 can be set up rapidly using the quick assembly system - this process barely requires more time than for smaller machines.

If required the LB 44 can be disassembled into single parts weighing max. 40 tonnes. Thus, the rotary drilling rig can be transported throughout the world without any problems.

For the basic design of the rig Liebherr remains true to its proven principles. This includes a large operating area thanks to parallel kinematics. Another aspect relates to the direct mounting of all winches on the leader. On the one hand, this allows for a direct view from the operator's cab to the main winch and, on the other hand, ensures that the ropes do not move during leader adjustment. Moreover, the undercarriage provides more stability thanks to long crawlers but still provides nearly the same small swing radius as the smaller rigs of the same product line.

Innovative rotary drive of BAT series

The innovative BAT rotary drive of the new LB 44 offers a torque of 510 kNm. The main advantages of the hydraulic drive manufactured by Liebherr are automated torque adjustment, continuous speed optimization and four electronically adjustable speed ranges. Further advantages of this rotary drive are its simple structure, its low maintenance requirements and, above all, its exceptional efficiency.

Like all Liebherr piling and drilling rigs the LB 44 is also fitted with the proven Litronic control system and thus offers a multitude of programme options for the various drilling methods as well as for clearly displayed information on service requirements and the condition of the machine.

The use of many components manufactured by Liebherr guarantees the customer a product of highest quality. This is completed by the rig's robust design in order to provide a long service life of the new LB 44 rotary drilling rig.