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Quest2013: Meet the Veteran Skyjack dubbed “The Survivor”


Quest2013: Meet the Veteran Skyjack dubbed “The Survivor”

The folks at Power Lift Equipment are proud to say they have one of the earliest Skyjack machines working in their fleet. The Concord, Canada-based rental company have entered the machine into Skyjack’s Quest 2013 contest to find the oldest working Skyjack. The contest is still running and Skyjack is continuing to receive submissions from companies around the globe.

Power Lift Equipment purchased its veteran Skyjack unit, a SJ 6.5-10 model, over 20 years ago from LW Matthews Equipment, a Skyjack dealer later purchased by Hertz Equipment Rental. The unit is still going strong today and its combination of endurance and reliability over nearly a quarter of a century have earned it the nickname “The Survivor”. According to Marsh Tonner, service manager at Power Lift Equipment, the SJ 6.5-10 has been working consistently and without fuss as general rental unit for electricians, plumbers, contractors and others, providing secure and solid lift assistance.

“The machine is a marvel; it was one of the early models produced by Skyjack, but it has always worked extremely well for customers,” says Tonner. “It wouldn’t be an understatement to say the SJ 6.5-10 probably set the precedent at Skyjack in terms of manufacturing quality. Once you build something this good, then customers are always going to expect it from everything you do after that.”

Apart from requiring periodic battery changes and having its guard rails replaced after the discovery of some hairline cracks, the machine has never had any notable problems. “This machine has cost us virtually zero dollars in maintenance over the years,” notes Tonner. As the SJ 6.5-10 has delivered over two decades of loyal service, Tonner says the company doesn’t work it as hard as some of the newer units in the fleet, but it has been fully re-certified and takes on regular jobs.

The SJ106.5-10 was one of the early Skyjack models. It has a 40 in. x 82 in. (1 m x 2 m) platform that can extend to 24 ft (7.31 m) and an overall capacity of 750 lbs (340 kg). The entire machine weighs 3,510 lbs (1,592 kg) and is easily maneuverable, with two wheel drive and three forward and reverse speeds controlled from the platform. It also has a retracted height that’s low enough to fit through standard doorways.

The machine is battery powered and equipped with an automatic spring applied, hydraulically released brake which is applied at all times except in drive mode. The hydraulic system and electrical controls are mounted in easily accessible swing-out trays.

The early Skyjack scissor lifts have an extremely stable design thanks to wide scissor beam frames that have cross-members on both the inside and outside. The SJ106.5-10 also features vertically mounted cylinders for low pin loads.

“It is a huge comfort knowing that you are standing on a stable and secure platform when working on projects at such high heights,” Tonner says of the platform’s solid design. “The machine was built with convenient features and simple operation in mind.”

Power Lift Equipment is a construction equipment rental and leasing business that specializes in aerial work platforms. Starting out in 1975, the company has eight employees.

Skyjack has been producing quality scissor lifts for 29 years. The company was originally called Haessler & Deway, an engineering company that repaired machines. In 1984, it took its in-depth knowledge of scissor lifts and began creating its own lift machines. Now Skyjack scissor lifts are working around the world.

Earlier this year, Skyjack launched Quest2013, an international search to find the oldest working lift of the company’s 29 year history. Companies running older Skyjack machines are encouraged to submit details of the machines and the company found to be running the overall oldest machine will be presented with a new Skyjack machine.

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