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Kawasaki introduces the 115Z7 8.3 cubic yard wheel loader

Kawasaki introduces the 115Z7 8.3 cubic yard wheel loader

KCMA Corporation, the marketer for Kawasaki wheel loaders in North America, is proud to announce the all new 115Z7 wheel loader. This outstanding machine is completely redesigned to meet all EPA Tier 4i emission standards as well as to improve operating efficiency and productivity. At 531 net horsepower and equipped with an 8.3 cubic yard General Purpose bucket, the new 115Z7 is a brute. Engineered for demanding applications and environments found in Quarry and Shotrock, Coil Handling, Hot Slag, Steel Mills, and Asphalt Plants, the 115Z7 performs flawlessly. Its 16-litre Tier4i Isuzu engine and uncannily smart “IntelliTech” system optimizes performance.

Powerful and strong

The 115Z7 wheel loader is a great choice for high-volume loadout requirements or heavy-duty shot-rock loading. Its big engine, massive drivetrain, and powerful hydraulics mean its 8.3-cubic-yard rock bucket can load a whopping 12.5 tons in a pass. Kawasaki loaders have always had the heaviest structures in the industry, and the 115Z7 is no exception. The full box-section rear chassis is super strong, and the centre pin area is the heaviest in this class. Dual Z Linkage provides great breakout force and excellent visibility to the bucket. It also spreads out the load on the torque tube to reduce stress. And when a new 115Z7 arrives on site, it’s ready to get down and dirty – it’s the only wheel loader in its class to come standard with full fenders, mud flaps, and traction control.

Efficient and smart

But all that power and strength doesn’t mean big fuel bills, as the 115Z7 has great fuel economy. Many features like the Power Modes, Efficient Acceleration, IntelliDig, Lockup Clutch, Auto Idle Shutdown, and load-sensing open-center hydraulics make the 115Z7 outstanding in fuel economy and overall energy efficiency.

Due to the intelligent features of the 115Z7, and in fact all of the new Z7s, what’s on paper doesn’t indicate real performance anymore. That’s how amazingly smart this generation is! Intelligence in a wheel loader means systems that intuitively adjust to working conditions and improve efficiency and productivity – and the new 115Z7 has those by the bucketful.

The joy of operation

One of only two wheel loaders in this size class that offer standard joystick steering, operators have provided excellent reviews of the 115Z7 open cab, its visibility and ease of operation. The well-modulated hydraulic-over-hydraulic steering handles the machine well at any speed. The pilot-assisted hydraulic controls are proven and reliable, while giving the operator fingertip control. The result is lower operator fatigue and higher productivity.

The standard rearview camera provides an extra dimension of safety for this big loader and supplements the standard exterior mirrors. The operator can make the 115Z7 fit his specific application through the LCD multi-function monitor in the dash – power levels, kickouts, declutch function, and more – for maximum production. The standard traction control limits wheel spin, and the standard, exclusive AutoBrake protects the transmission from over-speeding and improper shifting.

Simplified maintenance

Angled ladders and wide-access engine compartment doors help simplify service. The cooling fan is easy to get to as is the battery box. Lube points are grouped, and fluid check points and fueling are at ground level.

Hydraulic oil change intervals are now 4,000 hours when using non-zinc hydraulic fluid. Engine oil changes are 500 hours with CJ4 oil, and the loader linkage pins use a patented HN bushing that is oil-impregnated to allow for longer periods between lubrication. These pins can go as long as 500 hours between greasing in most applications. And standard telematics provide the customer, dealer, and Kawasaki with current operating status and alerts to improve support and reduce costs.