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Monoblock RCB construction breaker

Monoblock RCB construction breaker

The Monoblock breakers are built without tie-rods for exceptional reliability. There are 8 models available to fit excavators ranging from 0.08-15 tons. The monoblock design features a robust assembly, low maintenance, and easy access components for easy maintenance. Monoblock breakers also feature a unique and patented polyurethane jacket, designed to reduce impact vibrations transferred to the machine and help reduce noise to 85dB at 12 meters max. Up to the RCB410, RCB Breakers are among the most quiet breakers on the market.

• Pistons mounted on bushings, extending the life of the cylinder and eliminating expensive repair costs.
• Diaphragm accumulators are used for consistent performance.
• Diaphragm accumulators do not require recharging, resulting in no down time.
• Hydraulic break on the piston.

Tie-Rod RCB construction breakers
Rotobec Tie-Rod breakers feature a unique design that incorporates a heavy-duty tie-rod assembly that helps eliminate the possibility of rod assembly failure and makes for easy maintenance. Internal components can be accessed and repaired without dismantling the tie-rod assembly. This breaker is available in 5 different models to fit excavators ranging from 17-72 tons.

• Pistons mounted on 3 bushings, extending the life of the cylinder.
• Manual stroke adjuster
• Hydraulic break on the piston prohibits the breaker from harmful blank firing.

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