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Trimble Payload Management System Optimizes Excavator Payload and Productivity

Optimize Loadout and Increase Productivity with the Trimble LOADRITE X2350 Payload Management System

Trimble Payload Management System Optimizes Excavator Payload and Productivity

Trimble has introduced the LOADRITE® X2350™ Payload Management System for excavators, a dynamic onboard weighing system to optimize bucket loads, track load out tonnage, and monitor cycle times.

Now available through the SITECH® Technology Dealer network, the Trimble LOADRITE X2350 system expands Trimble’s Heavy Civil Construction portfolio to include accurate, measured payload data from excavators, helping contractors maximize productivity.

Managing Excavators and Materials More Efficiently

The Trimble LOADRITE X2350 System improves excavator productivity by quickly, easily and accurately weighing the material in the bucket and displaying the payload information on an easy-to-read indicator in the cab. The system can operational efficiencies for many excavator loading applications, including mass earthworks, remote sand pit load out, quarry and mining.

The X2350 helps keep the entire earthworks excavation loadout operation running at capacity and can eliminate the cost of additional machines and trucks to support the excavator. On a typical loadout project, a contractor can save thousands of dollars just by eliminating one wheel loader or one truck to haul material away.

Without the LOADRITE system, an excavator operator must gauge the maximum load on a truck based on experience and feedback from the weigh bridge (truck scale) at the final destination; however, at that point it is too late to prevent an overload ticket or wasted fuel, time, and truck capacity due to an under-loaded truck. Using the Trimble LOADRITE X2350 system to optimize payload at the excavator reduces the risk of double handling materials and turnarounds at the truck weigh station due to over or under-loading. It can also reduce costly fines for overloading haul trucks and unnecessary under-loaded truck cycles that waste fuel and time.

Project managers and machine operators can use the X2350 to accurately measure and record tons per hour, cycle times and total tonnage moved by excavators and trucks. Knowing accurate load cycle counts allows for more effective management of excavators and material. In-field time stamped printed reports additionally monitor material inventories and production for easy reporting of loading activity throughout the day.

The Trimble LOADRITE X2350 Payload Management System is available through Trimble’s SITECH Technology Dealer Channel in North America.

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