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Bobcat E85 compact excavator offers more productivity and operator conveniences

Bobcat E85 compact excavator offers more productivity and operator conveniences

Bobcat Company has expanded its  M-Series excavator lineup with the launch of the E85 Minimal Tail Swing machine, the largest machine in the company’s compact excavator family. The 8.5-ton E85 provides increased arm and bucket forces, fuel efficiency and industry-leading cycle times. This heavy-duty excavator also features a number of operator conveniences including a blade float, multi-function joysticks, color instrumentation panel and an auto-shift drive system.

At an operating weight of 18,960 pounds and an overall width of 91 inches, it is powered by a 59.4 horsepower diesel engine that is Tier 4 compliant. The diesel engine features a high-pressure common-rail fuel injection system, diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

The E85’s minimal 5.8 inches of tail overhang allows it to work in compact environments and next to buildings or other obstructions. The E85 features the Bobcat® in-track swing frame for the boom. The excavator’s boom swing frame stays within the width of the tracks as it swings, also making it easier to perform in constricted job conditions.

Improved grading and leveling

Available for the first time on Bobcat excavators in this size class, the blade float feature gives operators the versatility to smoothly grade, level or backfill material. This means operators can use just one machine to excavate and fill material, and the excavator’s rubber track undercarriage minimizes disruption to existing surfaces with its ability to float across dirt.

Increased performance

The E85’s hydraulic system delivers exceptional loaded cycle times. It offers 8,069 foot-pounds of arm force. Bucket force has also increased for improved productivity when excavating or trenching with an impressive 14,509 foot-pounds of breakout force – an 18 percent increase over its predecessor for class-leading productivity. The E85 has a dig depth of 15 feet 6 inches

The E85 comes standard with Auto-Shift travel, which shifts the excavator out of high range or low range and back automatically. Operators receive superb travel performance without having to manually downshift. Auto-Shift increases travel performance on demand, allowing operators to focus on the direction and speed.

Enhanced controls

Within the operator’s area, the E85 incorporates fingertip boom swing and auxiliary hydraulics functions. This not only improves multi-function capabilities but also gives the operator more floor space. Independent boom swing control on the joysticks allows operators to more easily position the work group for offset digging. Selectable auxiliary flow rates and the detent (continuous flow) mode allow for more precise attachment performance.

A new multi-language, deluxe color panel resembles instrumentation found on larger earthmoving equipment and provides a quick visual of function machine vitals. The home screen displays fuel level, coolant temperature, day/time, throttle position and engine rpm. Operators can select auxiliary hydraulic flow modes and rates from the panel. For increased security, an integrated password protection system may be used to help prevent theft.

Uptime protection

New boom cylinder guards provide improved uptime protection for E85 owners, protecting the boom cylinder when the excavator is digging. Integrated into the undercarriage are four convenient tie-down points to simplify trailer loading for transport.

QuickLook: Bobcat E85 Excavator
Horsepower: 59.4 hp diesel
Operating weight: 18,960 lb.
Width: 91 in.
Arm force: 8,069 ft.-lb.
Bucket breakout force: 14,509 ft.-lb.
Digging depth: 15 ft. 6 in.

Company info

250 East Beaton Drive
P.O. Box 6000
West Fargo, ND
US, 58078


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