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SuperSpring self-adjusting leaf spring enhancer for work trucks

SuperSpring self-adjusting leaf spring enhancer for work trucks

 SuperSprings International’s original product, the SuperSpring, is a unique, self-adjusting leaf spring enhancer. It is a tapered leaf spring that fits over the factory spring pack with an adjustable roller. A set of SuperSprings increases load-carrying capacity, levels a loaded or modified vehicle, and reduces body roll.

For vehicles with snowplows, winches, hitches or other mounted accessories, SuperSprings offers its SumoSpring “airless airbags.” SumoSprings are composed of microcellular urethane, which progressively compresses under load. Since there is no airbag, a SumoSpring will never burst or sag due to leaks. Each SumoSpring can be compressed by 80 percent of its original height with full memory rebound.  

SuperSprings and SumoSprings are available in many sizes and fit most trucks currently on the market. They require no maintenance or adjustment once installed.              

“All of our products are designed to be fitted once and forgotten,” said Mike Visser, president of SuperSprings. “They enhance your ride whether your vehicle is loaded or unloaded, so you never have to make adjustments.”  

"Everyone at SuperSprings really believes in their products, and their enthusiasm is contagious. We are looking forward to educating the market about SuperSprings, SumoSprings and new products coming soon.”   

To learn more about SuperSprings, visit www.supersprings.com or call (866) 898-0720. SuperSprings will introduce new products at The Work Truck Show 2013 in booth 3054.  

SuperSprings International produces a full lineup of suspension-enhancing products for load-carrying vehicles. The company was founded in 1996 to manufacture the original SuperSpring self-adjusting leaf suspension stabilizer, and later expanded to include microcellular urethane components. The urethane is utilized in SumoSprings “airless airbags” and SuperSway-Stops. SuperSprings International is based in Carpinteria, Calif. It is a member of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and the NTEA.

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