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CEMCO Inc.’s Turbo 80 VSI Crusher produces consistent material economically and efficiently

CEMCO Inc.’s Turbo 80 VSI Crusher produces consistent material economically and efficiently

CEMCO, Inc.’s Turbo 80 VSI Crusher is an efficient, highly productive vertical shaft impact crusher capable of processing a variety of aggregate materials and industrial minerals. Available in two models, the Turbo 80 offers a mid-sized option powerful enough to process materials up to 4-inches in diameter into a uniform, cubical, crushed, high quality product. Fully customizable, from internal components to portable or stationary configuration, the Turbo 80 is ideal for multiple industries including aggregates, energy production, mining and recycling.

The standard Turbo 80 features a single-drive motor with input horsepower capabilities up to 400. A compact yet powerful option, this model weighs in at 19,000-pounds and is able to consistently produce up to 275 TPH.

Featuring an optimally-balanced V-Twin motor design, the Turbo 80 V-Twin offers greater power input and higher product output. The dual-drive Turbo 80 is available with up to 600 horsepower, weighs approximately 25,000 pounds and offers production capabilities up to 400 TPH.

Combining advanced internal components with the principles of centrifugal force, the Turbo 80 crushers offer efficient, economical operation. Material enters through the wear-resistant adjustable feed tube at the top of the crusher and drops onto an impeller table or closed rotor, depending on internal configuration. Revolving at a rate of 500 to 1600 PRM, centrifugal force directs the material from the impellor and casts it at speeds exceeding 300 FPS against a stationary, abrasive resistant anvil. The material shatters on natural impact points, resulting in uniform, cube-shaped material with minimal slivered, “slabby” product. Heavy-duty self-aligning spherical roller bearings enable the unit to handle dynamic loads of up to 163,000 pounds.

The final product size produced by the Turbo 80 is controlled by the combination of rotor size and type, rotor speed and other configurations, all determined by each individual customer’s needs. Internal configuration options can be adjusted to modify product output, depending on the customer’s application and desired material. Specifically designed for highly abrasive materials, the optional SuperChipper rotor and Anvil Ring combination is ideal for customers processing material such as basalt, cement clinker, glass, abrasive quarry rock and granite. Alternatively, crushers can be equipped with a Shoe Table rotor and Rockshelf anvil for medium to low-abrasion material. Additional combination options are available, providing further customization options for various materials and customer expectations.

By producing a consistent, ideally-shaped product, the Turbo 80 ensures higher production of saleable material with less waste. Not only is this more efficient and economical, it’s crucial in meeting ever-changing state DOT specifications. Cubed fines provide stronger asphalt in comparison to slivered or elongated material.

The Turbo 80 has been designed for maximum uptime and longevity, with minimal maintenance requirements. The unit’s upper and lower double-row spherical-bearing pedestal system offers the longest operational life of any VSI crusher, thanks to CEMCO’s customized lubrication system. Designed to maintain the proper quantity of clean, cool oil on the bearings, the system reduces maintenance and repairs, while increasing longevity. Furthermore, the Turbo 80 VSI crushers are equipped with a hydraulic lid lifter and Camlock system to provide quick internal access for easy routine inspection and maintenance.

For added convenience, the Turbo 80 is the first crusher to be offered as a truck-mounted portable unit. Able to maneuver itself to the material face, the hydraulically-powered track-mounted Turbo 80 eliminates the need to transfer material to the crusher. In addition to portability, the standard Turbo 80 is available with options such as a water flush system, designed for wet or sticky material, dust control systems, diesel motors and automation software.

CEMCO now provides VSI crushing equipment in more than 27 nations to the majority of the world’s largest producers and green-friendly companies. Its complete line of VSI crushers ranges from the Turbo 35 to the Turbo 175, and is available in diesel, electric, stationary, and portable options.

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