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Terex Bid-Well 5000 concrete paver features flexible frame design and variable-width capabilities

Terex Bid-Well 5000 concrete paver features flexible frame design and variable-width capabilities

The high-performance Terex Bid-Well 5000 Automatic Roller Paver from Terex Roadbuilding features a unique self-widening leg design that enhances paving efficiency on complex applications. Its standard 15-ft (4.6-m) frame insert offers up to 12-ft (3.7-m) leg travel to allow for variable-width concrete paving, especially beneficial when paving parabolic applications or slabs that flare. Its flexible and efficient design makes it the economical paver of choice for street, highway and airport paving. 

The 5000’s sturdy truss construction affords quick set up and machine width changes in a matter of hours, a fraction of the time it takes to make width changes on a slipform paver. The paver’s 48-in (1219.2-mm) truss depth and all-welded steel construction deliver the strength required to pave widths from 8 to 68 ft (2.4 to 20.7 m) without deflection. Truss inserts come in standard lengths of 3-, 6-, 12-, 15- and 18-ft (0.9-, 1.8-, 3.7-, 4.6- and 5.5-m). Contractors can also order customized truss sizes or metric lengths, so there is virtually no limit to the paver’s flexibility to meet project parameters.

Crown points when paving with the Terex Bid-Well 5000 can be set manually at any hinge on the frame, enabling a contractor to establish single or multiple crowns in the slab ranging from +6% to -1.9%. Today’s 5000 paver now features standard power crown adjustment at the primary crown point, affording the operator fast and infinitely variable hydraulic adjustment from +6% to -1.0%.

Powered by its own 35 hp (26.2 kW) engine, the paving carriage of the versatile 5000 paver is loaded with exclusive features for high-quality paving. Its innovative dual vibration system mounts just ahead of the strike-off augers, imparts vibration up to the edge of the concrete slab and quickly consolidates pavements up to 32-in (812.6-mm) thick. The machine’s patented Rota-Vibe vibration system reconsolidates the top 2.5 in (63.5 mm) of concrete, delivering a denser and more uniformly consolidated surface. The carriage’s dual 6-ft (1.82-m) long paving rollers help to optimize surface smoothness.

The Terex Bid-Well 5000 paver can be equipped with an available power drag-pan lift. This innovative option eliminates the need to construct false tops for block-out areas in the pour and allows the operator to hydraulically move the drag-pan in place after starting a pour, so the machine doesn’t need to be stopped for drag-pan positioning.

The available paving carriage/drag pan fogging system on the show unit atomizes the water to produce a true, light fog that keeps the concrete from drying too quickly and reduces surface cracking. The machine’s optional portable pressure washer system gives contractors 100 gal (378.5 l) of water on board to clean the machine at the end of the day or to be used for fogging.

Operators control the machine and paving carriage from the high-visibility platform atop the truss frame. Mounted on heavy-duty 6-in (152.4-mm) legs, the 5000 paver features four-bogie drive for smooth, accurate frame advancements. A leg-mounted on/off valve enables a worker to stop machine and carriage travel from ground level. An optional four-wheel swivel top dolly and self-propelled, steerable nose wheel assists with onsite movement of the paver.

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